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Custom Metal Products,Customize&Fabricate To Manufacture Metal Parts In China


Custom Sheet Metal Products,including Stamping,Bending,Deep Drawing,Laser Cutting,CNC Punching

sheet-metal-fabricationSheet Metal cutting,Sheet Metal stamping,Sheet Metal Deep Drawing,Sheet Metal bending,CNC Sheet Work,Metal Welding(tube to tube;tube to plate;plate to plate)

Custom Metal Tube Deforming,including Metal Tube Bending,Forming,Expanding,Metal Wire Forming

Metal Tube bending fabricationMetal tube cutting,Metal tube stamping,Metal tube bending,Metal tube deforming,Metal Welding(tube to tube;tube to plate;plate to plate)

Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude Metal Profile With Extrusion Machine


Cold heading parts,impact heading non-standard hardware parts, machinery parts, auto parts, construction parts

cold heading non-standard parts

Custom Cold Forging Parts & Machinery Components,Metal Cold Forming,Metal Machining


Cold Forging,Cold Heading,Sheet Metal Drawing,Metal Impact Extruding,Metal Lathing,Metal machining

Custom Cold Forged Bolts,Cold Heading Metal Bolts


Custom Cold Forged Nuts,Cold Heading Metal Nuts

Custom cold forged nuts cold heading metal nuts

Custom Cold Forged Bushing,Cold Heading Metal Sleeve Bushing

custom cold forged bushing- cold heading metal sleeve bushing

Custom Cold Forged Pins,Cold Heading Pinston Pins

Custom cold forged pins cold heading pinston pins

Custom Cold Forged Socket,Cold Heading Metal Housing Socket

custom cold forged socket cold heading metal housing socket

Custom Cold Forged Rivets,Fabricate Heading Rivets


Custom Cold Forged Terminal Ends,Heading Cable Terminal Ends


Custom Cold Forged Ring Gears,Fabricate Pinion Gears


Die-Casting Fabrication,Aluminum Die Casting,Zinc Die Casting,Brass Castings,etc


Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM Plastic Products,Fabricate Plastic Products

Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM Plastic Products,Fabricate Plastic Products

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Rubber Molding Fabrication Service,Custom Rubber Products,OEM Rubber Part


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