Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot

Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning RobotItem: Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot

Brief Description:  This vacuum cleaner works with duct cleaning robot together to clean air conditioner duct system.

Model: DL-3078P
Rated voltage: 220V
Suction pipe diameter: 40mm,15meter long
Power consumption: 3600W
Motor air flow: 159L / S
Three suction motors
Vacuum pressure: 205mbr
Filter area: 6300cm2
Filtration efficiency: 99.993%
Dust bucket capacity: 80L
Dust / water capacity: 57 / 50L
Sound decibel: 89db
Push wand width: 60cm
Power cord length: 8M
Product Weight: 30Kg
Size: 68X65X122cm

Manufacturer: Smartclima.     Plaats van oorsprong: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot”

Features and Applications:
1, the barrels are made of high strength stainless steel pure refined, can load 300 kg, extrusion resistance, impact resistance, high temperature, the machine with a pouring function, the user is very convenient to clean up the garbage barrel. 80L large capacity dust bucket, higher collection efficiency.

2, using a five-filtration system, which FPPR3200 efficient air (HEPA) filter to filter out the 0.28um dust filtering effect can be achieved 99.993%, this filter system can guarantee 100% of the exhaust air clean .

3, is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum, water, oil, iron absorption, suck gravel, smoking shards of glass and other substances.

4, brush and vacuum suction brush with both pulleys, easier use, and cleaning brush brush strips and gluing absorbent article can be replaced, reducing the cost.

5, is a professional-grade vacuum cleaner, the motor is powered by three 1200W motor composition, Kaide Wei industrial vacuum cleaner can be selected independently one or two motor operation and the motor 3 according to need to work. Motor all-copper wire manufacturing heat resistance, equipped with the bypass air cooling system to ensure continuous operation of the motor can be prolonged.

6, is an industrial strength type of product per hour can clean 1300 square meters floor, clean up for a number of large or medium-sized factories, warehouses, construction sites and other places, it is a very good model.

7, with a manual shaker function, when the lack of suction filter clogging, only need to gently shake the shaker rod can clean up the dust on the filter was clean, it has a super strong suction 3600W, 80 liters bucket capacity of 6300 cm2 filter area, can greatly improve your work efficiency.

8, the use of air-cooled double bypass (Bypass) cooling system, this design allows the motor when using a motor temperature has been maintained at a constant temperature, so that the service life of motor increase more than three times, the machine can reach 24 hours of continuous work.

Suitable for cleaning air conditioner dust system,suction iron metal processing, grinding dust, sawdust furniture factory, ceramics factory dust, site cleaning and floor cleaning and floor cleaning various water plants, etc., is more suitable for applications that require easy mobility, short place intermittently repeated use.

Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot


cleaning robot attached dust suction part duct cleaning robot to connect vacuum cleaner pipe

Buying Guide to “Vacuum Cleaner for Circular And Rectangle Duct Cleaning Robot”
  • The device is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight(by sea or by air) into the cost;
  • Accepteren bulk volgorde met Container levering;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types duct cleaning equipments,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

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