Air Conditioner Universal Cleaning Machine

air conditioner universal cleaning machine

Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine–Universal Type

  • [Material] Made of high quality anti-fire board with aluminium-frame, high pressure pump;
  • [Spraying water pressure] 0.8Mpa,suitable pressure for flushing air conditioner coil fins;
  • [Voltage] for AC110V-240V, 80W;
  • [Box Size] 38x26x12cm,great size for taking;
  • [Total weight] 3.25kg,easy to take;
  • [Feature 1] Easy operation,easy repairing if happen broken.
  • [Feature 2] Easy and quick to arrange pipes back into box .
  • [Feature 3] Anti-slip even on the smooth surface,better for operation;
  • [Application] Designed to wash and clean air conditioner;

Plaats van oorsprong: Supplied by China Manfacturer, Made in China, export to worldwide.

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Air Conditioner Universal Cleaning Machine 1


air conditioner cleaning washing tool kit universal type

pump design

ac cleaning machine with antislip pad

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • De plaats van herkomst in China,bij aankoop van één,of twee, kunt u overwegen vracht(door de lucht of over zee) in de kosten;
  • Accepteren bulk volgorde met Container levering;
  • Please contact us to email:  [email protected]

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