Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit

Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit

Item:Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit

Brief Description: The tool kit is  a descaling  pump for owner DIY flush washing air conditioner evaporator coils,fins and plastic shells to remove dirt and debris safely from air conditioner aluminium fins and other HVAC coils for improving system`s performance.Regular cleaning and maintenance your AC coils can not only allow  the system to work  more efficiently,save electric fees, but also can let house feel more health and comfortable.

Features: Input Voltage 110V-230V,50-60Hz;Output Working voltage: DC12V.Pressure reachs Min.85PSI, Max. 115PSI.

Manufacturer: Smartclima Co.,Ltd. ;  Plaats van oorsprong: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit”

Functie :

  • Suit for Voltage 110V-230V,50-60Hz;
  • Output Working voltage: DC12V.
  • Power consumption:85W;
  • Flow(Max):6.5L/min.
  • Water Pressure: Min.85PSI, Max. 115PSI.
  • 135cm suction pipe & 650cm outlet pipe;
  • Including pump machine,power converter,liquid sprayer(empty),coil brush and cleaning cover;
  • With this cleaning cover,no grey water flows or drops onto the back of wall or onto the floor.

Advantage :

√ Quick  work effectively,quickly arrange pipes into the tool box.
√ High pressure.Water pressure reachs 0.9Mpa,enougth to do air conditioner cleaning;
√ Can Clean coils in condenser and evaporator with efficient way;

Toepassing :
Just as its description,this cleaning pump is widely used for owner DIY cleaning/washing ductless air conditioner coil system,including wall mounted split air conditioner,standing air conditioner and ceiling air conditioner.It is a must-have tool kit for DIY AC maintenance.How to clean a window air conditioner or a mounted split air conditioner?How to clean air conditioner coils?How to clean home or commerical air conditioner condenser, evaporate fins or filters? With this machine,all will become simple and easy,you can D.I.Y cleaning your air conditioner system easily.You will find that cleaning air conditioner is a so simple work once you have seen our tool kit.

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Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit 1Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit 3

How to clean air conditioner unit with “Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit”?
This video was shot using the “AC Coil Cleaning Pump Machine Tool Kit,Type A”. You can get the same results using the DIY kit as introduced above. The segment was shot with a split wall mounted air conditioner.
Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner DIY Cleaning Tool Kit”
  • The machine listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The rechargeable battery is supported and integrated if you required;
  • We accept to put your logo onto the machine box if you place order in bulk quantity;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accepteren bulk volgorde met Container levering;
  • Contact:  [email protected] for more details and prices.

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  1. Hello i have a few questions

    How much is the cost for air conditioner DIY cleaning tool kit including shipment to israel?
    I want to buy 1 piece.
    And also can you make it suitable for israeli electricity output 230V?
    Instructions manual is in english?

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