Necessity of cleaning dust removal pipes in automobile and parts production plants

Necessity of cleaning dust removal pipes in automobile and parts production plants 2

With the global regulations on environmental protection and the particularity of dust, precision cleaning is generally required for the production of automobiles and parts. New requirements have also been placed on cleaning technology and cleaning equipment. Both health and environmental protection cleaning must be achieved, and cleaning results must be achieved. It is even more important to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during construction.
For the cleaning of circular dust-removal pipes, Smartclima’s lifting circular duct cleaning robot, combined with a combined ultra-clean dust collector, forms a dust-circulating duct cleaning process, which not only achieves healthy, energy-saving, environmentally friendly cleaning, but also guarantees Cleaning effect.
For the cleaning of flammable and explosive dust, Smartclima has developed special air duct cleaning equipment, which adopts explosion-proof anti-static design, which can complete the cleaning and suction operation at one time. While cleaning, it also ensures the safety of personnel and equipment during construction .
Smartclima is committed to green, environmental protection and health business. It continuously provides customers with air quality management, air-conditioning system operation management and maintenance, circulating water quality management, building exterior wall cleaning and other services. Pharmacy. In the field of process air pipe cleaning, it involves process air pipe cleaning, dust removal pipe cleaning, purification air pipe cleaning, smoke exhaust pipe cleaning, oil fume pipe cleaning, welding workshop smoke exhaust pipe cleaning, etc., covering automotive, electronics, food, The pharmaceutical and electric power industries have approached or reached the international advanced level in the field of factory ventilation and exhaust system cleaning technology.

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