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Mounting Flange for Duct System

Item:Mounting Flange for Duct System

Short Description:Duct Mounting Flanges, Industrial Ducting Component Parts,also named Steel Angle Ring Flange,is a round collar(Type of Square and rectangular flanges are also available if you required).This Duct Flange Kit is for HVAC ventilation duct pipe system, for grain auger,also used to connect Spiral Piping, Heavy Gored Elbows together and other ductwork together in dust and fume control work,etc. They are rolled and made from galvanized steel plate from galvanized steel with punched holes along the rim,also available with no holes. Holes are standard. Nuts and bolts not included(if you required,we can also supply Nuts and bolts).

Materials:Galvanized steel or Stainless steel(option),material thickness 2mm.

Size/Dimension:inner diameter 4inch,5inch,6inch,8inch,10inch,12inch,14inch … … For more models,See below.Accept customized size.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Mounting Flange for Duct System”

Mounting Flange for Duct System

ø100mmHoles on the edgeø100ø130202
ø125mmHoles on the edgeø125ø155202
ø150mmHoles on the edgeø150ø180202
ø200mmHoles on the edgeø200ø230202
ø250mmHoles on the edgeø250ø280202
ø300mmHoles on the edgeø300ø330202


ø300mmHoles on the edgeø300ø332202
ø350mmHoles on the edgeø350ø372202
ø400mmHoles on the edgeø400ø432202
ø450mmHoles on the edgeø450ø482202
ø500mmHoles on the edgeø500ø532202
ø550mmHoles on the edgeø550ø582202


ø300mmNo holes on the edgeø300ø332202
ø350mmNo holes on the edgeø350ø372202
ø400mmNo holes on the edgeø400ø432202
ø450mmNo holes on the edgeø450ø482202
ø500mmNo holes on the edgeø500ø532202
ø550mmNo holes on the edgeø550ø582202
ø300mmHoles on the edgeø300ø332202.5
ø350mmHoles on the edgeø350ø372202.5
ø400mmHoles on the edgeø400ø432202.5
ø450mmHoles on the edgeø450ø482202.5
ø500mmHoles on the edgeø500ø532202.5
ø550mmHoles on the edgeø550ø582202.5
ø600mmHoles on the edgeø600ø632202.5
ø650mmHoles on the edgeø650ø682202.5
ø700mmHoles on the edgeø700ø732202.5
ø750mmHoles on the edgeø750ø782202.5
ø800mmHoles on the edgeø800ø832202.5
ø850mmHoles on the edgeø850ø882202.5
ø900mmHoles on the edgeø900ø932202.5
ø950mmHoles on the edgeø950ø982202.5
ø1000mmHoles on the edgeø1000ø1032202.5
ø1050mmHoles on the edgeø1050ø1082202.5
ø1100mmHoles on the edgeø1100ø1132202.5
ø1150mmHoles on the edgeø1150ø1182202.5
ø1200mmHoles on the edgeø1200ø1232202.5
ø300mmNo holes on the edgeø300ø332202.5
ø350mmNo holes on the edgeø350ø372202.5
ø400mmNo holes on the edgeø400ø432202.5
ø450mmNo holes on the edgeø450ø482202.5
ø500mmNo holes on the edgeø500ø532202.5
ø550mmNo holes on the edgeø550ø582202.5
ø600mmNo holes on the edgeø600ø632202.5
ø650mmNo holes on the edgeø650ø682202.5
ø700mmNo holes on the edgeø700ø732202.5
ø750mmNo holes on the edgeø750ø782202.5
ø800mmNo holes on the edgeø800ø832202.5
ø850mmNo holes on the edgeø850ø882202.5
ø900mmNo holes on the edgeø900ø932202.5
ø950mmNo holes on the edgeø950ø982202.5
ø1000mmNo holes on the edgeø1000ø1032202.5
ø1050mmNo holes on the edgeø1050ø1082202.5
ø1100mmNo holes on the edgeø1100ø1132202.5
ø1150mmNo holes on the edgeø1150ø1182202.5
ø1200mmNo holes on the edgeø1200ø1232202.5

Galvanized Steel Angle Ring Flange-usage

Buying guide to “Mounting Flange for Duct System ”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:
General knowledge “Mounting Flange for Duct System ”

The bolt hole layout position, number, diameter, connection size and location Circular flange must meet the relevant standards of national industry, and must be is fully consistent with the round damper,ventilation pipe and other related components interface.
DN100-DN300 circular flange is punched with steel panel;DN350-DN1200 circular flange is rolled and welded with flat steel L shape.
In different occasions and stable, we should use different material;
When the temperature t≤300 ℃, the selection of material Q235-A, F;
When the temperature is 300 ℃ <t≤400 ℃, the choice of material Q235-A / B
When the temperature is 400 ℃ <t≤475 ℃, the choice of material 10 or Q345 (16Mn).

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  • Tim

    i’m interested to buy Mounting Flange for Duct System (2 types: d80 and d100). What is the price for 10, 100 and 1000 pieces? How much is the height?
    Thanks in advance


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