More usage of refrigerator

Refrigerator, almost used by every family, it has become an integral part of family life. But did you know that refrigerators have many ingenious uses, will bring greater convenience to your life?

1. White sweater long, yellow or black, before he had been a bright look, unfortunately, but was reluctant, then think of it this way: wash before the white sweater in the refrigerator freezer, 1 kid out to dry, its white color would be a degree of recovery.

2. the summer out of clean underwear in plastic bags before well into the fridge, and shower when I get back out and put on underwear, is cool and cool and comfortable.

3. candles in the summer, tends to distort. Keep it in the refrigerator, it can work long time without deformation. If the candle ignited stored for more than 24 hours in the refrigerator before, then the lights will drop the wrong behavior does not occur. Plug your this candle birthday cake wouldn’t be soiled by wax under the Jane.

4. egg Woumbou wipe it again, and then stand on the upside in the refrigerator will cling longer.

5. film of the long periods of inactivity, to be placed in the refrigerator, and even the original expiration date, it can still be used. Temporarily unused pharmaceuticals, batteries can also be stored in refrigerator and drug reduction efficiency for a long time, may extend the lifetime of the battery.

6. the refrigerator storing food, food between it and the wall, between food and food, there should be a 10 mm gap, which is conducive to air flow and food preservation. Middle of the refrigerator especially not too full, because location is not optimal cooling the fridge the lower middle, middle game not plugging the gap, cold air cannot flow down, perishable food corruption, lower.

7. fruit such as bananas, pineapples, and if stored for long periods in the refrigerator will deteriorate or peel the flesh turns black, so can be refrigerated before serving for a short time.

8. use the refrigerator to minimize and reduce the open time and frequency, particularly in summer, if you open too many times or too long will make the food hot and cold affect storage quality. In the hot summer months, refrigerator fear power cuts, after a long time, food will defrost in freezer gone bad. With small plastic bags of water frozen on the ice, has been placed in the freezer, it may prevent the temperature inside the refrigerator when the power outage caused by elevated food bad.

9. refrigerator door gasket surfaces where contact with the door seals and the box evenly with a layer of talcum powder or talcum powder, to prevent the paint on the door being sealed off, and the door can open and close freely, and extend the life of door seals.

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