Mitsubishi Electric centeral air conditioning

Are you still worried about heating problems in winter the Villa? Your villa also for gas rationing to fret about it? You are still higher for gas and oil heating costs and safety concerns to worry about it? Mitsubishi Electric “ice fire” central air-conditioning system to help you solve these problems! In order to meet the heating requirements in winter at high altitude and in the North, and Mitsubishi Motors in air conditioning systems introduce “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop of compressors, with Mitsubishi Electric patented technology, the new building-the “ice fire” of VRF air conditioning system, completely solve the problem of heating in winter.
With central heating, electric boiler, gas boiler compared to traditional heating mode, Mitsubishi Electric “ice fire” multi-connected air conditioning low operation cost, eliminate security risks, more environmentally friendly and energy saving. “Ice fire” multi-connected air conditioning system in the industry for the first time using a “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop of compressors, solved in the case of outdoor temperatures reduce heat attenuation of bigger problems, ensure that the whole system of air conditioning and heating seasons that would continue to operate efficiently.
Superior heating performance from the top product technologies:
1,Mitsubishi Electric use patents owned by “enthalpy of gas-liquid Jet” technology of the compressor, the compressor even in the very cold conditions can complete the refrigerant compression process, units under the outside temperature at-15 ° c, the heating capacity-no attenuation, high heat, thoroughly solve the problem of air-conditioning system in winter heating effect is not guaranteed.
2 HIC, Mitsubishi Electric patented technology application of heat exchange technology, makes the unit heat from the outdoor air capacity enhancement, perfectly in line with the “gas-liquid enthalpy” loop used refrigerant circulation increased unit heat faster start-up.
3, the whole original Japan import, with stepless DC inverter technology, extra long design life of 20 years.
Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI “ice fire” multiple-conditioning system to solve your worries, systems do not require daily maintenance, operation is very simple.
There are now more clients appreciate the excellent quality of Mitsubishi Electric central air conditioning.23516

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