Mini “tanks” step into duct air conditioning for cleaning work

  One-foot-square box, two swivel webcam, at the foot of “push off” with two tracks, the small “tanks” look like small robots that are dedicated to clean central air conditioning. Yesterday, two small “tanks” Carrefour South third ring shops started opening soon central air conditioner for a three-day “bath”.

Carrefour South third ring road store has been completed, and before the end of the opening Welcome, in accordance with the relevant requirements, large supermarket opened to a centralized before cleaning, clearing the construction waste generated in the course of construction, yesterday, Carrefour South third ring road store cleaning central air “heavy responsibility” falls on two small “tanks” on the body.

9th when the morning came to Carrefour, Central fresh company workers are a small “tanks” placed in a duct, then the negative pressure machines have also been installed in the wind on a level crossing, the small “tanks” who monitors connections and worker around the camera well, everything’s in place, the small “tanks” with a big brush work.

Seen from the monitor to, large brush began to WHIR, each sweeping a Department worker on command the camera this way and that visits, to see where there is no sweep, immediately directed the small “tanks” run to sweep up. This small “tanks” “swish swish” sweep, side wind crossing the negative pressure machines “WHIR” smoking and in a short time, more than 20 metres long duct cleaning, reporter asked the workers to open the trash, just more than 20 meters long tunnel has been swept out of the lime sludge and other construction debris, is 342.

“This is just the completion of construction, central air conditioning in the dirt is still relatively simple. “Jin Shiyou central air conditioning clean industry company Chairman Huang Jingyue told reporters that if used architecture, central air conditioning in the dirt” variety “. RJ047

Expert view

Air conditioning cleaning on a regular basis far more power

In accordance with the relevant provisions of public buildings once every two years to central air conditioning clean, but nearly 20,000 public buildings in Beijing, do central air conditioning clean less than 3,000. “Central air conditioner cleaning time you need to spend a hundred thousand of dollars, but the ‘ wash ‘ after air conditioning efficiency can save electricity 5% to 8%. “Wang Dongzhan international trade construction industry branch of China building clean-Commission Secretary-General, told reporters that cleaning fee that a hundred thousand of dollars to spread on the floor area, only 4 Yuan per square meter or so; but at least tens of thousands of square meters of public buildings, central air conditioning uses electricity has a hundred thousand of Yuan a year, regular cleaning of air-conditioning electricity savings of at least tens of thousands of dollars a year.

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