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Metal WeldingMetal Welding

Carbon steel tube Welding;
Stainless steel tube Welding;
Aluminium tube Welding;
Copper tube Welding;
… …

Metal pipe and Metal Bar are also available to weld.
Can do tube to tube welding,tube to plate welding;plate to plate welding;

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 What can we do for you?–Metal Welding

Pipe to plate welding plate to plate welding robot-automatic-welding

 General Knowledge on “Metal Welding”

The welding service we provide including:

  • Resistance Welding / Spot Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) / Metal Inert Gas (MIG Welding) – This semi automatic or automatic process uses a continuous wire feed.
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) / Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG Welding) – A manual welding process that is extremely precise, especially useful for welding thin materials.
  • Robotic Welding – Where welding and handling of parts can be a completely automated process.
  • Mesh Welding – electric flash butt welding where the two wires are pressed together and the electric current is activated

Benefits of TIG Welding

  • Superior quality welds
  • Welds can be made with or without filler metal
  • Precise control of welding variables (heat)
  • Free of spatter
  • Low distortion

Benefits of MIG Welding

  • All position capability
  • Higher deposition rates than SMAW
  • Less operator skill required
  • Long welds can be made without starts and stops
  • Minimal post weld cleaning is required

Benefits of Robotic Welding

  • Significantly reducing setup times
  • Increases throughput (both capacity and velocity)
  • Dramatically improves weld quality and consistency/repeatability
  • Reduces and often eliminates the need for hand finishing of welds

Material for Tube cutting

Usually,the following metal are always to do tube cutting:

  • Galvanized Steel/Carbon Steel tube,pipe or solid bar;
  • Stainless Steel 304, 316,430 tube,pipe or solid bar;
  • Aluminum tube,pipe or solid bar;
  • Many grades of material available, please email us with your material requirements.

Another welding shop strength is our ability to engineer and fabricate complex, multiple part welded assemblies. We also design and build our own weld fixtures when needed.

MetalHelper has 15 years of experience as a welding shop and high attention to detail required ensuring that ourwelding shop provides the best welds and custom metal fabrication products every time.

 Contact MetalHelper to Metal Welding

Submit drawings for Metal Welding,Let Metalhelper manufacture it for you.

Let Metalhelper to help you process/manufacture Metal Welding,Please send us the meassage with drawing or sample photo,and tell us your purchased quantity in first order,and then we`ll quote to you. The more details on product you provide,the more quick we can quote. You also can visit to contact Metalhelper company directly for Sheet Metal Stamping business

Procedures of Metal Tube Stamping

Request Quotation for Metal Welding,Let China metal factory serve for you:

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Metal Tube deforming and BendingMetal Tube Fabrication;Metal Tube Cutting;Metal Tube Stamping;Metal Tube Bending;Metal Tube Deforming;

Metal Products Fabricate In China  >> Metal Tube Fabrication >>Metal Welding

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