Metal Spinning Fabrication,Custom Metal Spun products

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Metal Spinning Fabrication,Custom Metal Spun products

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Service: Metal Spinning Fabrication,Custom Metal Spun products

Metal spinning is a forming process that produces hollow parts that are typically circular in cross-section. The basic metal spinning process starts with a flat metal disc (blank), which rotates on a lathe. This rotating blank is pressed against a tool (chuck mandrel) that duplicates the interior of the part.The basic metal spun shapes are the hemisphere, cone, cylindrical shell and venturi to name a few. Parts produced from metal spinning are utilized in many industries: agricultural, food service,lighting, marine, automotive, Commercial and industrial roofing,commercial and residential lighting, bearing closures, air pollution and ventilation, custom display stands, funeral urns, industrial vacuum cleaners, flag stand bases, fireplace accessories andsatellite dish manufacturers.

Place of origin: China , Service to worldwide.

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Experienced spun metal products 

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Equipments for Metal Spinning Fabrication


Materials for Metal Spinning Fabrication

Aluminum Metal Spinning and Stamping

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping (MCSS) is specialized in Spinning Aluminum of various sizes and alloys. Our Aluminum products have the ability to be polished to the highest standard of commercial industries.

Brass Metal Spinning and Stamping

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping (MCSS) commonly makes use of Brass for decorative metal applications. Brass is a formable metal that is receptive to many different finishing purposes.

Copper Metal Spinning

The Copper parts produced by Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping are used for lighting, roofing and decorative purposes since copper is a popular alloy that is known for its heat resistant abilities.

Steel Metal Spinning

Steel, a metal that is easy to work with is quite popular for its spinning applications. As well, the steel components are very popular due to its strength and durability characteristics.

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

Stainless Steel has proved to serve various special metal spinning applications. Some of its well known properties include durability, strength, and non-corrosiveness. Its common uses are on exposed exterior applications.

Shapes for “Metal Spinning” 

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General knowledge on “Metal Tube” for fabrication

Typical Stages Of Part Development

  • Prepare a drawing of the metal piece that is to be spun on the lathe
  • Make tooling of the appropriate shape.
  • Cut the metal disc corresponding to the piece.
  • Start lathe and select proper cutting tool
  • Insert the metal spinning pin in the t-bar rest. Adjust rest so that the tool is at a slight angle against the pin.
  • Apply waxy lubrication to the outer surface of the metal spinning on the lathe.
  • Hold the tool with right hand placing the handle under your arm
  • Apply pressure to the metal spinning on the lathe by moving the tool from the center to the outer edge of the metal.
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  • guy

    I am interesting in metal spinning for large diameter (900mm)
    please tell me if you have the facilities to do so.
    I am talking about aluminum 3mm thickness.
    drawing attached

    thanks guy

    • Smartclima


      this Dhananjay from Arya enterprises please contact me for more details my email id and+86-15015875752 whats app


    We supply ex Automotive steel galvanised/Zinc suitable for metal spinning circles. 0.7 , 0.8 , 1.5.


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