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MetalHelper can do Metal Cold Forming fabrication.We can do:Carbon steel cold forming;Stainless steel cold forming;Aluminium cold forming;Copper cold forming.We can do cold forging,cold heading,drawing,lathing and machining.

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Metal Cold Forming process is usually descripted as a technology process with high speed manufacturing to let metal block(including steel,aluminium,brass,copper,etc) formed and shaped at normal circumstance temperature,the process ofen doesn`t require to remove the scrap of material. You just simply need to put a metal blank block into a die and then the vertical punch will be pressed into the die,then the metal blank block is taken on the form of between machine`s punch and the bottom die.In the actual operation,people usually utilize multiple punches and multiple dies as succession manufacturing to get a very complex forms and shapes with a higer effience and production speed.  Parts can be hit multiple times while staying in one die (“one die, multiple blow”), or transferred from die to die to progressively form various geometries (“multi-die forming”).When process,the material-blank metal block is often forced to be beyond its elastic limit but it keeps its altered forms upon removal from the die. the material-blank metal block wouldn`t be forced to be beyond its tensile strength, otherwise,it will happen fracture or break. We,MetalHelper operate the process by computer operating to get more high precision and success rate. MetalHelper provide the service of Cold Forming Process,Cold Heading Process,Cold Forging Process,to help you get metal parts with a very complex forms and shapes,of course,with a very competitive cost but high quality product.

The secondary process after Metal Cold Forming:

Though metal parts coming from cold forming process are usually complete or near to be finished with very small minimal scrap, generating significant raw material savings compared to traditional screw machining process,it always still is used as the primary manufacturing process which produce as simple as a screw/nut blank. The part then always comes with secondary process including polishing,maching,etc to achieve more high precision part configuration with good tolerances grade.The best commen secondary process are:

1)      Heat Treatment. To achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat Sometimes,heating and cooling are done for the specific purpose of altering properties intentionally, they often occur incidentally during forming.

2)      polished.To polish the cold forming product,usually,they will be sprayed with mini stainless steel ball in a closed room,then all scraps,oils,burrs will be removed.

3)      machined,Machining process is usually to make screw thread or make a horizontal hole on the cold forming product.As cold forming process itself is diffcult to make thread or horizontal hole.

4)      anodic oxidation or electroplating.After all processes are finished,some products are required to do electroplating.If the product is made from aluminium,it is always required to do anodic oxidation

Material for Metal Cold Forming.

Usually,the following metal are always to do cold heading processs:

  • Brass or Bronze
  • Copper
  • All kinds of Aluminum
  • Carbon Steels wire or bar
  • Stainless steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Nickle Alloys
  • ……

The benefits of Metal Cold Forming,Creative Savings and Solutions

Most of machined parts could be re-designed and re-manufactured  to be parts made by technology of cold forming,which help you to get significant cost savings.

1,Improve production effience and reduced Production costs:Because of using high speed manufacturing process. The speed reaches range from 10 pieces per minute for low volume large press work to to 450 pieces per minute on the cold heading process.

2,Save material cost: Compared to a traditional machining process, cold forming process  can save up to 70%.

3,Better control product tolerance: compared to more expensive machining processes,less tolerance can be achieved throughout the production process by coldforming

4,Higher and better quality surface: compared to conventional machined surfaces ,cold forming process can get result . The cold forming process can eliminate the need for costly secondary operations, such as welding, machining, etc, with careful product and process design,

5,Improved part performance and characteristics: due to the metal deformation resulting in improved grain structure, while work hardening can yield significantly improved product performance,cold forming process can improve metal part performance and its characteristics.

For many OEMs, Whitesell Cold Forming/Forging represents clear opportunities for cost savings over traditional large component manufacturing methods.

Material and Process Cost Advantages:



The Result: Lower Costs of Product to the Customer

Better Quality and Consistency: Cold Forming/Forging is a purely mechanical process that forms metal into net or near net shapes, but unlike traditional alternatives, it is performed at room temperature without using additional heat, providing more precise tolerances and part to part consistency than any other method.

Metalhelper Cold Forming/Forging provides

  • Higher Strength: Cold forming work hardens the material raising its yield stress, making it significantly stronger than can be produced through other methods. With these higher strength properties, component design thickness can often be reduced offering further savings on weight, material and clearance.
  • Higher yields for exceptional strength
  • Most precise tolerances available
  • Improved physical properties by refining grain structure
  • Exceptional surface finish no scale
  • Part-to-part uniformity/repeatability
  • Better functional reliability
  • Reduced/eliminated machining & waste
  • May eliminate subsequent heat treating


Submit drawings for Metal Cold forming,Let Metalhelper manufacture it for you.

Let Metalhelper to help you process/manufacture Metal Cold forming,Please send us the meassage with drawing or sample photo,and tell us your purchased quantity in first order,and then we`ll quote to you. The more details on product you provide,the more quick we can quote. You also can visit to contact Metalhelper company directly for Metal Extrusion Fabrication business


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