MCQUAY Air Conditioner Fault Code

Fault display: (only applies to SLM APM01C controller) failure code fault
E0 E1 controller system fault an external fault input (current overload of the compressor) E2 External fault input (low voltage protection compressor system) E3 External fault input (compressor and high pressure protection) return air temperature sensor in E4 E5 indoor coil sensor missing or off or short circuit short circuit outdoor coil sensor off E6 E7 E8 outdoor ambient sensor to fall off or short circuit or short circuit the refrigerant leakage E9 coil temperature Overrun of more than 68 EA pump failure or water level cooling water temperature too high or too low EB EC network communication failure for McQuay modular air cooled water chiller/heat pump unit MAC210//DM/DR/DRS/DR MC302l controller user’s manual, operation
1, switch machine
Press the on/off key, unit powered on (RUN led lit), shutdown (RUN the lights) to switch between.
2, mode selection
Press the “mode” button to switch between cooling/heating mode, it should be noted that is, models but must be performed in a shutdown state.
3, parameter queries
Use the controller to query the network of any unit of work status and parameters (which compressors work, set the water temperature, water temperature, water set temperature, water temperature, timing settings of the unit, refrigeration and freezing temperatures, freezing temperatures, defrosting temperatures in winter).
By “unit” key Hou unit number flashing, at by “▲” or “” key change unit,, check see of is different unit of current parameter, to query a unit of work parameter, found to query of unit, Shi by “determine” key can query the unit of work parameter has, by “▲” or “” key view the unit of different of parameter.
4, parameter setting
① Press the “password” button in the left box under monitor display “password” and “00”, press “▲” or “” key to adjust the value when you select into the correct user password and press “OK” button (factory code to “00”), display box display time, it means that you’ve entered the correct password, you can make the following settings:
A, parameters change: after you enter the correct password, follow the steps ②→③→④ can complete the operation parameters of the modify settings.
B, the user password changes: after the correct password is entered, press the “password” button to display a box only displays “00”, then enter the user password to modify setting, press “▲” or “” key to adjust the value, press the “OK” button modifications support password to complete, and jump out of the parameter set state.
II press the “set” key unit number flashes, then press “▲” or “” key to adjust the unit, find for setting parameters of the unit, press the “OK” button you can set the unit’s operating parameters (parameters that can be set are: cooling water temperature, the heating water temperature).
③ Press “▲” or “” key to select the parameter you want to set, press the “OK” button you can press “▲” or “” key to set parameter values, after Setup is complete, press “OK” key to save the setting result.
④ Repeat step ② additional parameters that can be set (Note: not available within 60 seconds press the key to exit the parameter setting).
⑤ set parameter values must be performed in a shutdown state.
5, real time clock settings
With needle shaped tool by “mode” key above of small hole, LCD display Shang displayed “week set” of words, by “▲” or “” key set current time is week several, set good has zhihou again by small hole, week set success, while display Shang displayed “clock set” time will flashing, at by “▲” key modified hours, by “” key modified minutes, again by small hole can save set of clock.
6, regular set
① Press the “timer” button on the monitor at the same time show “week setting” and “timings” message, press “▲” or “” key to select a time in the week to set the timer, select, and then press “OK” button appears on the display “timer set” message, selected scheduled weeks, into the scheduled times.
II into timing frequency setting, press “▲” or “” key to select which day to set timing (can be set to 4 in the “unit” above), press “OK” key to select a time, into the timer on or off option.
③ Press “▲” or “” button to select “timer on” and “time off”, press “OK” key to select the timing is either on or off, enter timing selection, at this time appears on the display “timer set” and “clock set” and the time flashes.
Black press “▲” keys to change the hour, press the “” key, modify the minutes set time and press “OK” button to complete the timing of all the settings and save the settings, at this time appears on the display “timer set” and skip to step three parts, clock times and regularly order last week, cycle settings timed for a week until the exit time set.
⑤ If you want to cancel a timer, this timing timing must be set to 00:00. If you want to cancel all the time, you also need to press the “mode” and “set” keys, “dropping—–” after the sound of a Bell, all clear and timing.
Note: the regular boot and timed shutdown was subject to the clock time on the wire, if the clock is not accurate, regular boot and timed shutdown time will not be allowed. Scheduled during the Setup process, press the “unit”, “mode”, “password” key or 5 seconds no button will exit the timer settings (does not save the setting). Factory default timer as the 00:00.
7, manual defrost
Unit when the heat press “▲” or “” keys until the “manual defrosting” appears press “OK” key, enter manually defrost status. Exit the defrosting condition: ① the defrost time is more than 10 minutes; or II if the defrosting temperature defrost probe detects a temperature greater than setting temperature and defrost time heavy rain for 1 minutes.
8, reset
Press with a needle tool press the “▲” button at the top of the small reset hole.

Fault Code

 Code Possible Fault Code  Possible Fault
 EC00Number 15 sub-machine communication fault ER30Present machine group fault
 EC** **Number 1-14 sub-machine communication fault ER31Machine communication fault
 EC15 Number 15 sub-machine communication fault ER40 TH1 fault
 ER16 Copressore overload ER41 TH2 fault
 ER17 Fan overload ER42 TH3 fault
 ER18 Pump overload ER43 TH4 fault
 ER19 Less water flow ER44 TH5 fault
 ER20 High pressure fault ER45 TH6 fault
 ER21Low pressure fault ER46 TH7 fault
 ER23System fault ER47 TH8 fault
 ER25Low temperature of outlet water ER48 TH9 fault
 ER26Heating overload ER49 TH10 fault
 ER27 Circumstance temperature high/low ER50 TH11 fault
 ER28 Star urgent working function ER51 TH12 fault
 ER29 Overheat less than  1 degreeprotection ER53 Low pressure sensor fault


MACD module can store 16 a history fault, can through main module Shang of “K1” “K2” “K3” “K4” four a press find, specific method following: continuous by “K1” key until digital tube displayed “OHE”, then by “K4” key confirmed, displayed “HE–“, again by “K4” displayed “HE0-“, said need check subsection several fault, can through “K2” and “K3” press Shang turned or Xia turned, find subsection several fault, then by “K4” confirmed,  NIXIE tube displays the fault code. Example 1: display “HE0-“, after “K2” until “HE01”, press the “K4” by highlighting “ER21”, said the second failed for low-voltage fault.
Example 2: the need to find the 12th failure
Show “HE–“, after “K2” shows “HE-1”, and then press the “K4” by highlighting “HE1-“, and then press the “K2” until the digital display “HE11”, and then press the “K4” fault code confirmation can be found in the 12th. Troubleshooting “HE00” to “HE15”, represents the 16th the fault number. If you find fault display “ER00” indicates that the fault number fault-free. Such as found in “HE02” failure “ER00”, which means no third behind and fault injection: keys must be within 5 seconds operating MDS digital variable capacity multi-connected air conditioning system trouble codes
Cause codes E0 outdoor unit exhaust temperature temperature fault E1 DLT outdoor units OD ambient temperature temperature sensor outdoor machine fault E2 RTN temperature temperature sensor fault E3 E4 outdoor temperature temperature sensor fault at the bottom of the compressor Inlet temperature temperature sensor Midlet temperature temperature fault fault E5 outdoor machine E6 E7 outdoor outdoor Outlet temperature temperature sensor fault DLT exhaust temperatures Through the high conflict E9 E8 fault EE mode indoor unit fault F1 pump room ambient temperature sensor failure

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