Category: Duct Volume Control Damper

Summary: Duct Air volume control valve or damper is a device that can adjust the air volume, and is generally used in the ventilation system piping of the central air conditioner. The basic structure is to place a valve plate in the center of the air duct. The valve plate can be rotated around an intermediate shaft parallel to the valve plate, and an electric motor is used to control the rotation.

The general electric air volume control valve has two control modes, switching quantity and analog quantity. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, small leakage amount, small friction torque, flexible operation, good blade rigidity, corrosion resistance and complete varieties. It can be widely used in industrial and civil air conditioning and ventilation systems, and has achieved the purpose of accurately controlling air volume.

The air volume control valve blades are of the split type and the swing type, and are used as a regulating valve in the ventilation, air conditioning, and air purification systems. Through the test, the air volume control valve has good air tightness, and the relative air leakage is about 5%, and the adjustment performance is good.

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