Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump


Sell Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump,Refrigerant oil charging pump,model PCO-1, PCO-2.Duct air conditioning Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump ( Cooling pumps / refrigeration oil grease gun / screw pumps refrigerant oil pump),high quality Refrigerant oil charging pump,with good looks, it is very convenient to operate, can provide higher reliability and complete maximum 22kg / cm2 pressure charge. It is a must have tool for air conditioning maintenance with high efficiency refrigeration oil filling and recovery ,designed to charge 106 ml for each time.allows you to add refrigerant oil to a system under pressure.

Models: PCO-1 &PCO-2 (See below details)

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump”

Pump remains mounted on oil container during storage.

With pressure oil charging,applicable to all oil products,Fits all popular brands of refrigeration oil.

Using stainless steel materials,reliable and durable.

Special design,ensure to connect the different size of oil bottles.

Foot stand base provides support and leverage while

Transfer against to higher pressure.

Backflow prevented structure,ensure filling safety.

Operating unit in reverse adapter hose accessory removes oil from the equipment quickly and efficiently

usage for Manual Oil Pump

Manual Max-Flow Oil Pump

Manual Oil Pump

Below is model of PCO-1:

Manual Refrigerant oil charging pump PCO-1

Below is model of PCO-2:

Manual Refrigerant oil charging pump PCO-2 Manual Refrigerant oil pump details

Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump 2

Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump 3

Manual Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump 4

This Manual Oil Pump for duct air conditioner charge filling, overcome the traditional refueling and easily mixed with the shortcomings of air.This device no need to let go of refrigerant in the system, both in oil recovery system; the system memory can also be the case in the high-pressure refrigerant, filling frozen oil. This not only saves costs, simplifies the work steps, but also reduce the work intensity, improve work efficiency.

Suitable for all types of piston, screw, centrifugal refrigeration equipment; was York, Carrier, Trane, McQuay, Dunham-Bush and other manufacturers.Automatic drain valve with no moving parts stabilizes the pressure inside and outside the oil container. Pump size can be adapted to all refrigerant oil container sizes .

1, to complete the transfer of oil;
2, the system with pressure up the oil;
3, for all of one gallon, 2.5 gallons and 5 gallon containers of frozen oil;
4, a new design of the base support system that can provide better support leverage, time-saving, quick and easy.
5, when using the supplied adapter opposite connection, you can quickly and efficiently from the system will be transferred out of the frozen oil.
6, suitable for: alkylbenzenes, esters, polyol esters, mineral, synthetic refrigeration oil.
7, can overcome the system pressure 22kg / cm2.

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