Category: Water Saving Product

Water is not inexhaustible. We should start with everything around us and every bit of life. A drop of water is insignificant, but if it drips continuously, the quantity will be considerable. According to the measurement, “dripping” can waste up to 3.6 kg of water in an hour; it can collect up to 2.6 tons of water in a month. The amount of water is enough for a person’s life. It can be seen that every bit of waste should not exist. As for the continuous small water flow, it can collect 17 kg of water per hour and 12 tons of water per month; as for the loud “big water”, it can collect 670 kg of water per hour and 482 tons of water per month. It can be seen that water conservation should start from every drop

Smartclima can supply the following Water Saving items:

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