Liquid receiver

Liquid receiver

, Basic model description:


SL: three brands;

WZF representing blenders

JB: represents Blender

1: the figures represent the volume (in l);

2 the figures represented power (in kW);

Second, the basic model classifications

Serial number Description Specification or model Unit Suitable for compressor model (reference)
1 Box-type-one accumulator SLWZF4.5Q Taiwan 2P/3P
2 SLWZF5.5Q Taiwan 4P
3 SLWZF8.0Q Taiwan 5P/6P
4 Horizontal accumulator SLWZF13 Taiwan Suitable for 3P/4P compressor
5 SLWZF15 Taiwan Suitable for 3P/4P/5P compressor
6 SLWZF17 Taiwan Suitable for 5P/7.5P/8P compressor
7 SLWZF20 Taiwan Suitable for 7.5P/8P/10P compressor
8 SLWZF23 Taiwan Suitable for 10P compressor
9 SLWZF26 Taiwan Suitable for 15P compressor
10 SLWZF30 Taiwan Suitable for 15P/20P compressor
11 SLWZF35 Taiwan Suitable for 20P/25P compressor
12 SLWZF38 Taiwan Suitable for 25P/32P compressor
13 SLWZF45 Taiwan Suitable for 32P compressor
14 Blender SLJB22 Taiwan 2.2KW
15 SLJB30 Taiwan 3.0KW
16 SLJB40 Taiwan 4.0KW
17 SLJB55 Taiwan 5.5KW

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