LightWedge Night Reading Light



LightWedge Night Reading Light

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Short Description: Lightwedge is an innovative design of the reading light source illuminates only the page you want to read, do not irritate the eyes to direct or influence others scattered light. Is a revolutionary reading lights illuminate only the page you are reading, do not irritate the eyes of others scattering of light. Just put it in a book, you can start reading read — the darker environment, the better.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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1, the new lighting structure design, flat light, by the precise design point of view, the light was irradiated in the reading position, especially suitable for reading in bed, does not affect the rest of others, the corner of the original light barrier edge designed to ensure that no omissions;

2, a more scientific optical design, the wavelength of light close to natural light, yellowish light environment design more warmth, more suitable for long reading without causing eye fatigue; brightness light and dark two adjustable initial brightness has been suitable for reading ( Fixed a large segment of the older useless brightness area), specially designed ultra-high brightness area when students apply to close the night lighting;

3, a more compact overall design, weight only 240 grams (without batteries have the old 240 g), easy to flip operation, easy to carry on campus, parks, garden light, dark place to learn to read, but can be used as bookmark use;

4, more power, last longer, using customized low-power ultra-bright dual-chip LED lights, power consumption in half, batteries (7) power supply, sustainable use of more than 60 hours, normal use can be up to a month ;

5. The thin plexiglass panels effectively prevent deformation of the older fonts, smaller, surface shrinkage, Halo and so on.

Detailed parameters:

[Origin]: China [Size]: 19 × 15CM [Weight]: 241g [Material]: Plastic and strengthen plexiglass [Power supply]: 3 AAA batteries [Battery]: 40-50 hours


1. According to scientific experiment data, similar to the light to read by sunlight, the most effective protection of human vision, use white yellowish lighting is recommended to select reading lights, bluish and red light can cause eye fatigue and irritability.

2. Based on the energy saving and environmental considerations, the normal reading Do not transferred to the newly installed battery with a maximum brightness area prolonged use, to the environment and battery condition in response to appropriate adjustment to light and soft state

3. This product is low-voltage LED unique design will take you run out of battery power, the lights are dim For a long time to place please remove the battery to avoid battery leakage pollution fuselage.

4. Do not use alcohol or other types of corrosive cleaning solvents to clean transparent panel, recommend the use of high-density soft cloth or special cleaning agent.

LightWedge Night Reading Light

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