A light commercial compressors

EMBRACO China factory recently started producing compressors developed for commercial refrigeration products, the first product designed for commercial freezers and stereo display cabinet design, called EMT series compressors.

It is reported that EMT EM production series compressors. Responsible for EMBRACO commercial refrigeration products marketing Andr é Holderbaum said: “through EMT EM production series compressors are efficient, small size and low noise characteristics, also compatible with R134a R290 refrigerant. ”

Holderbaum said that in recent years, Chinese exports of commercial refrigeration products is on the rise, EMBRACO was concerned. He said: “commercial refrigeration compressor products locally in China are put into operation, we will enhance the level of service, making our service more flexible, while monitoring the trends of the market. ”

Brushless DC motor for air conditioning in Wolong reached advanced level of similar products

A few days ago, from Wolong electric group control Office was informed that the new product development, the company developed plastic-sealed brushless DC motor for air conditioning has successfully entered the production phase. Proven, new efficiency, noise, vibration and other performance parameters have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

It was also noted that, DC motor for air conditioning in Wolong is preparing for mass production, current DC motor production plant has been completed, the debugging work completed, is expected to formally put into production in late September 2009, initial design capacity of 100,000 units a month later according to the demand of the market due to enlarge. In addition, the Wolong DC motor test samples have been sent to major customers, feedback is more ideal.

Welling wash motor sales in the first half of this year grew by 15%

Has learned the first half of 2009, welling wash motor sold about 4.628 million, exports about 3.209 million units, overall sales last year rose by about 15%. Under the influence of changes in overall market demand, welling wash motor sales change in the structure of the first half of 2009, washing motor sales rose 89%, drum-type washing machine motor 14%. In order to ensure the washing Motors business development, Wellington and actively promote new products, the first half of 2009 into the food processing small series motor products industry, the successful development of motor and large volume sales of soy milk. But the impact as well as falling commodity prices product sales, welling wash motor a turnover of HK $ 687 million, down by 12%.

Ruizhi 2010 plans to produce 400,000 sets of compressor

Recently, ruizhi compressor got the news that the 2010 ruizhi inverter compressor is scheduled to produce 400,000, mostly in mainland China, a few from China’s Taiwan factory. City’s products are mainly for Japan and air conditioning in city markets.

XI An Qingan: 2009 Annual compressor frozen sales of 1.314 million units

Has learned the 2009 frozen year Xian Qing an air conditioning compressor 1.314 million set. In addition, XI An Qingan achieved new progress in developing energy efficient products, a new series high-efficiency products have matches completed, starting from September 2009 bulk supply.

Sichuan Changhong high efficiency air conditioner compressor production

Recently learned that, Sichuan Changhong has begun mass production of energy-efficient air conditioning compressors. According to CHANGHONG in charge, this new models now account for CHANGHONG 30% of the purchase, the future is expected to reach 70%.

Ling Da compressor full production

Recently, gree owned Landa compressor was informed that in August 2009, the company has been producing at full capacity in September, Ling Da compressor more demand. Now Ling Da has been reported to stop production energy efficiency class 3 compressor, all to produce more than 2 levels of energy efficiency products.

Danfoss financial crisis led to the first half of 2009 decreased performance

A few days ago, Danforth released its 2009 financial report in the first half. According to the report, the first half of 2009, Danfoss sales of 12.5 billion Denmark kroner (about 16.816 billion yuan), up 10%, excluding other income and expenses profit loss of 660 million, Denmark krone, first half of 2008, the figures for profit of 693 million Denmark Krone.

Danfoss expects net sales for the year to 24 billion to 25 billion Denmark kroner pretax profit forecast to-1.6 billion Denmark kroner to-1.9 billion Denmark kroner.

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