life-energy-saving from “half light” start

“Dimming” more energy-efficient

Over the weekend, to a neighbor’s small home. He has just renovated, small said: “I decorated the main purpose of this time, is to take the saving type products ‘ introduction ‘. ”

Xiao Zhao’s House was bought by seven or eight years ago, when moved in the House was simply decorated. This year, he and wife decided to redecorate homes. In the decoration material, they agreed, should pay attention to

Environmental protection, should also pay attention to saving material.

Xiao Zhao pointed to the living room ceiling and said, here are two chandeliers, each lamp has a dozen bulbs, add up to more than 500 Watts of power. For a bad light bulb is very troublesome, and electricity. Now, living room into two lamp ceiling lamp, each light has two sets of energy-saving lamps can emit yellow and white respectively. With that, he shows up: “press a button, light yellow lamp light; press the switch again, white light lamp light; then click on, yellow and white lamps are lit up. “Xiao Zhao said, usually watching television, open lamp on the trip; children learn while doing homework, a lamp full on, light is enough. A set of lamps is more than more than 50 watts of power, electricity consumption compared to the original chandelier save a lot. This “light” energy-saving lamps not only energy-efficient, and easier to use.

Also, small house, two bathrooms, toilets used to be old fashioned, pressed hub 9 liters of water, looking distressed. Now, Zhao was replaced by small two-button 3/6 liters of water-saving toilet.

Changed so many energy-saving appliances, decoration expenses will increase? Xiao Zhao’s experience is that the saving type products are not necessarily expensive. High middle and low market-saving products have now, selection is huge. He bought this kind of ceiling light elegant beautiful, prices are 228 Yuan, rather than the cheaper prices of chandelier. Energy-saving lamp price is more expensive than standard bulbs, but count saves electricity, and cost-effective.

Family-saving products are still “dead”

Reporter learned that, although more resource-efficient products on the market more, but there are still consumers of such products is not enough “system” and cannot meet domestic needs.

Speaking of water, who lives in Tongzhou district of Beijing, Wu’s wife actually has a lot of trouble. She said home, washing machines, toilets consume large quantities of water, especially in summer, family shower, clothes and change frequently, so consumption is even greater. Washing machine water washed clothes, her existing plastic bucket used to sweep the floor and flush the toilet. But washer hose is low, you cannot directly put the water into the bucket, can only receive in the basin, then the bowl and pour the water into a bucket. Washing machine to wash 40 minutes, Boyle NG bent inside 40 minutes. Wu’s wife, earthy way of water-saving tired and nothing but some of the water is not recycled, made her feel very sorry that: “like a shower of bath water, can also be used to sweep the floor and flushing. But now can’t get them set up and run to waste it’s really a shame. ”

Earthy way of saving water, no problem for older adults, and for the working pressure and the burden of household chores is a strong young man, it’s with no small difficulty.

Home building materials city outside Beijing, reporters encountered was the selection of bathroom products, a middle-aged College teacher. He said that now all have water-saving awareness, but to what extent it is another matter. He certainly will not buy the kind with lots of rainfall showerheads, water “luxury bath”, also can choose to water-saving taps and water-saving toilets, but not as aunt uncle who did “circular” water, too much trouble, cannot afford to spend so much time. He hoped that if there was a water-saving products on the market, integrated systems that use domestic water well. In this way, water can not only save time and effort, and eliminate household waste of water resources, “space”.

Comprehensive promotion to work harder

Several reporters visited the Beijing building materials market, found to purchase water-saving energy-saving products, mostly just bought new houses being decorated consumers, families with housing are using non-conserving products, not many active money or replace-saving product. The reason, mainly some consumers felt that all my stuff still doesn’t work, then get a new, is a waste of time. Vintage faucets, toilets and well “waste away” to spend hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars into a conservation-minded products, economic worth.

Experts believe that building a conservation-minded society is the event will benefit future generations, cannot be counted in front of the economic accounts. At present, the urban family non-energy-efficient products are still in heavy use, energy efficient products also required an extra effort. Governments and relevant departments at all levels must take compulsory measures, non-saving products are restricted or even banned in addition to actively open up ways, and wasteful non-efficient product is being used to upgrade. For example, the relevant departments can join hands with the business, distributed free to residents of water-saving faucet, or charge a small fee for onsite replacement of more than 9 litres flush toilet, economical products to enter more families.

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