Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit

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Supply Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit with video function,exported by China manufacturer.This oily duct cleaning robot with 360° rotary nozzle can spray chemical liquid or hot water or hot steam into the duct to remove greasy dirt easily.Not only can clean oily vent exhaust duct system,but also can remove greasy material on range hoods,filters,fans and other parts in kitchen.Works well for grease duct,fryer duct

  • Clean horizontal,inclined and verticle duct,clean all parts in kitchen.
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning is a professional service tool kit that cleans and removes built-up grease and debris from the exhaust ducts in commercial kitchens. The tool includes a thorough inspection, pre-cleaning, cleaning, and post-cleaning inspection to ensure the exhaust system is free of fire hazards and meets all safety codes. This service is essential to maintain clean indoor air quality, reduce fire risk, and prolong the life of the kitchen equipment. Please assure that the cleaning is performed by trained technicians and use cleaning agents that are safe for the environment and your kitchen equipment.

The “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit” made by Smartclima is the best advanced in the present world in this field,it is really a must-have tool to remove oily material in duct efficiently.

Some videos of “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot working”

The “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit” is the best tool to remove oily material in duct in the present world,it is composed by the following parts:

Part ① “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot and Its Controller ”


Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit

Oily duct cleaning robot kit


  • Robot crawls in duct and inspect inside of duct;
  • Spray hot water or chemical liquid to dissolve oily material in duct;
  • The nozzle can be rotated with 360°.
  • Suck the washed oily material and wasted water into drain pipe;
  • The controller can control the robot crawing direction,forward,backward,left,right.
  • All situation of robot`s working in duct can be viewed on the screen and can be recorded.

How to connect:

  • Use electrical wire to connect Robot and Controller,to control robot`s moving,to control Nozzle rotary spraying.
  • Use suction pipe to connect robot and Suction bucket,to suck the wasted material into the drain pipe;

Features & Parameters:

  • The nozzle can rotary with 360°,so every angle of duct can be washed and cleaned efficiently;
  • With lighting fuction and video record function;
  • In-built with suction port at the bottom for sucting oily material when working;
  • Full body is made from 304 stainless steel, IP67,no worry for water;
  • Megnatic pedrail to let the robot can climb onto the 30° slope;
  • Can connect high-pressure water machine to spray chemical liquid,hot water into duct;
  • Robot size 170x385x170mm(high),weight 14kgs;
  • Can clean duct high >18cm;
  • Comes with multi-angles nozzles to improve working effience.

Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit 529

Part ② “Higher pressure water generator and oil suction machine”


higher pressure water generator and oil suction machine


  • Supply high-pressure water/liquid to robot to remove oily material in duct;
  • Connect with “hot water generator” to spray out high-pressure hot water continually;
  • Connect spraying gun kit to flush-clean kitchen devices,i.e: Range hood,Oil filter,Cooker,etc, easily remove oily material with its super-high pressure;
  • Used as vacuum by connecting with “oil suction bucket” to suct wasted oily material from robot when the robot is working in duct;

How to connect:

  • The front has two ports:import and export,the import connects “water source” or “chemical liquid”,and the export connect to “High-pressure spraying gun”(to flush-clean kitchen devices) or to “Robot”(to clean oily duct);
  • The export can also connect to “Hot water generator”,and then can spray out high-pressure hot water continually for cleaning;
  • The back port can connect to “Oil suction bucket” to suct wasted oily material from robot into “Oil suction bucket” when robot is working in duct;

Features & Parameters:

  • Voltage and power:220V 50Hz,4000W.
  • Water pressure: 180-200Bar;
  • Max. water flow: 20L/Min;
  • Power of vacuum motor: 1500w*2
  • Machine size:71x43x71cm;
  • Machine weight: 61.40Kg
  • Comes with high-pressure pipes and guns as below:

comes with high pressure pipes and guns

Part ③ “Hot water generator”

hot water generator for greased duct cleaning robot


  • Generate hot water quickly and continually,to dissolve oily and greased material quickly and easily;

How to connect:

  • The import connects to export of Part ② “Higher pressure water generator”;
  • The outport connects to “High-pressure spraying gun”(to flush-clean kitchen devices) or to “Robot”(to clean oily duct);

Features & Parameters:

  • The heating function is driven by fuel.Fuel type: diesel oil
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz;
  • Motor power: 250W
  • Flow: 900L/H -4GPM
  • Pressure:7250Psi/500Bar
  • Size: 105cm x 74cm x91cm(high);
  • Weight: 120kg.

Notice: The device need diesel as fuel to generate hot water quickly.

Part ④ “Wasted Oil Suction Bucket”

Oil suction bucket with pipe


  • Work with Part ② “Higher pressure water generator and oil suction machine” together, Suct and drain out  the wasted oily material when the robot is working in duct.

How to connect:

  • One end connect to cleaning robot by suction pipe,and the other end connect to Part ② suction machine (or to air comressor).

Features & Parameters:

  • Capacity: 20L;
  • Unique float design,when filled with impurities or wasted oil in the bucket,it will automatically stop working.
  • Connect pipe dia.32mm;
  • Easy maintenance and can be washed directly.
  • If necessary,0.6-0.8 MPA gas supply can be used anywhere.
  • Light Weight, small size, easy to carry.

oil suction bucket structure

Part ⑤ “Chemical liquid sprayer”

chemical liquid sprayer


  • Spray Chemical liquid or Sodium hydroxide liquid onto the surface kitchen devices,hood,filter,and so on.It can heat the chemical liquid and let the liquid dissolve the oily/greased material more quickly.
  • Mode 1: Spray high pressure normal temperature water,pressure 8 Bar;
  • Mode 2: Spray high pressure hot water,pressure 8 Bar;
  • Mode 3: Spray high pressure hot temperature steam,pressure 8 Bar;
  • Mode 4: Generate Ozone

How to connect:

  • The machine works independently.Just put inlet pipe into the liquid,then can spray out hot steam or hot water;

Features & Parameters:

  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz;
    Heating Element Power: 3100W
    Hot water temperature: 60℃-100℃
    Pressure: 8 Bar
    Size: 33x146x343cm, Weight: 6.6kg.

Part ⑥ (optional) “ Rotary nozzle”(to clean verticle oily duct)

Rotary nozzle to clean verticle oily duct

Function & How to connect:

  • Connected to the end of pipe from Part ② ” High-pressure water generator” or from Part ③ “Hot water generator”,and then put it into the verticle oily duct.High pressure liquid(can be hot water or chemical liquid) comes out from the 360° surround of nozzle to dissolve the attached oily material in the verticle duct.

high pressure water comes out from surround of nozzle

Full kit with all accessories

full kit with accessories oily kitchen duct cleaning robot kit

One full kit is composed by:
1, Robot;
2, Controller;
3, Wasted oil bucket;
4. Higher pressure water generator and oil suction machine
5, Hot water generator;
6, Connection parts and other accessories (See above photo);


(1) After the cleaning work, pump the clean water through the system for at least 5 minutes to remove the chemical liquid which remains in the pump and robot.

(2) Store the machine and accessories in a dry and cool place.

Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit 2

How to connect every part?

How to connect oily duct cleaning robot kit

  • All connection pipes and wires are included in the package.

How to connect robot system with hot water generator

Buying guide to “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot Kit”

  • The kit is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,will ship by sea;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:

General knowledge on “Kitchen Exhaust Grease Ductwork Cleaning Robot”

For years, commercial kitchens have been plagued with greasy and oily exhaust ducts. Regular cleaning was back-breaking and time-consuming work, and the results were often unsatisfactory. Today, there’s a better solution: robot exhaust cleaners! These automated robots provide a faster, more effective way to clean commercial kitchen exhausts. Say goodbye to oily ducts and hello to robot exhaust cleaners from now!

  •  Goodbye Oily Ducts!

Oil and grease buildup in kitchen exhausts can be a major health and safety hazard. Greasy deposits can be a fire hazard and can cause smoke, smells, and other pollutants to disperse into the air. Not to mention, they can be a real eyesore in the kitchen! Traditional methods of cleaning exhaust ducts, such as manual scrubbing and chemical degreasing, are often ineffective and require a significant amount of time and effort.

  •  Hello Robot Exhaust Cleaners!

Smartclima` robot exhaust cleaners are the perfect solution for dealing with greasy exhaust ducts. These automated robots use high-pressure water jets and rotating nozzles to remove grease buildup from the interior of exhaust ducts. They are fast, effective, and can even be operated remotely, making them a great choice for commercial kitchens that need to keep their ducts clean. Plus, they require minimal maintenance and are designed to last for years.

Robot exhaust cleaners are a great way to keep exhaust ducts free of grease and grime. They are a cost-effective and efficient solution that is sure to make work in the kitchen duct a lot easier.

Say goodbye to oily ducts and hello to robot exhaust cleaners! These automated robots are the perfect way to keep commercial kitchen exhausts clean, safe, and free from grease. With our robot exhaust cleaner, you can ensure that your kitchen devices and oily duct is always looking its best.

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