Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,clean oily duct quickly and easily

This machine kit design for solve the problem of fume extraction ducts.Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often referred to as hood cleaning) is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. It use a pump to suction hot water or chemical liquid,and then pump into the oiled duct with high pressure,some time late,the greased accumlation will be loosen,and finally,the rotary brush can remove the grease easily.Usually,the left uncleaned, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Exhaust systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated. This machine is your best choice for cleaning grease and oily duct.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features and Details on this “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”


1. High power engine, cleaning greasy dirt easily with hot water or chemical liquid.
2. Pneumatic foot switch, save your hands and keep safety,and more easy to operate system when working.
3. Portable design, no worry for transportation.
4. Cleaning Shaft; (standard long 15meters. Accept customized length);
5. 0-1400turns/min,turn speed and direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) can be regulated.
6. Double wire brush, remove heavy oil pollution effectively.
7. 200-800mm steel brush (size is optional) for different size ducts cleaning.
8. Soft nylon brush is also available if you request.
9. Brush cleaning with chemical detergent can clean the dirt quickly and thoroughly. The descaling rate can achieve more than 90%.
10. Rotational speed is regulatable, makes oil cleaning more convenient.
11. System can stand high temperature or high PH liquid to spray.

Appearance as following:

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 1

Portable Design,Easy to take.

Portable Design,Easy to take.

Good choice for your cleaning work on greased duct

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 3

Suit to clean differeent place’s Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning.

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 5

Good cleaning effect.

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 7

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine PARAMETER

Voltage AC 220V,  5A
Rotary speed 0-1400r/min
Power 1.5KW
Cleaning diamter 200-800mm
Spraying capacity 3L/min
Main machine dimension 1000*580*1000mm
Weight 93KG
Flexible shaft cable 15m(Can be extended if you need)

Self Sucking Pump Parameters

Power 0.37KW, 220V, 2.4A
Flow 2.7m³/h,can flow hot water and high temperature chemical liquid.
Main machine dimension 630*210*260mm
Weight 6.7KG
Starting pressure 0.3kg.f/c㎡
Protective pressure 2.6kg.f/c㎡


Packing List and items included:

No. Item Qty
1 Main cleaning machine 1 set
Flexible shaft
3 Self-priming pump&water pipes 1set
4 Brush 300mm, 400mm, 500mm(or other size you require)
Foot switch

What parts you will get as a complete set?

You can find every parts you will get as following:

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 9

One set is composed by:
1, Steel wire brush;(Standard diameter comes with 400mm,500mm,600mm. Accept customized size); Soft nylon brush is also available if you request;
2, Cleaning Shaft; (standard length 15meters. Accept customized length);
3, Rotary support;
4. Controller;
5, Main machine &Motor;
6,Pump;(Can flow  hot water or chemical liquid); For parameters,see above diagram.
7, Outlet pipe (connect to cleaning shaft);
8,Suction pipe.(Put it into liquid tank,can suction hot water or chemical liquid).
9,Foot-step switch,easy to switch on or off;

Package and transport as following:

Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine,easy to clean oiled duct 11

Video- How to operate “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”

Instructions of “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”:
(1) According to the size of the cleaning pipe and the oil pollution in pipe, choose a cleaning brush with the appropriate diameter.
(2) Insert the square head with the pin hole at the front end of the cleaning brush into the soft shaft brush joint, then fix the wire brush with the split pin, and use the flexible shaft as straight as possible to achieve better torque output.
(3) Add the cleaning liquid into a container that can hold an alkaline liquid.
(4) After inserting the large end of the flexible shaft into the square hole of the coupling, fix the flexible shaft and the main machine with a nut.
(5) Connect the water outlet on the self-priming pump and the water inlet on the large shaft of the flexible shaft with a water pipe with a quick connector, and then fix the water pump connector to the water inlet connector under the self-priming pump with a flat-blade screwdriver, and then place the other end in a container for the cleaning liquid and fixed it in position.
(6) After the brush head is inserted into the inside of the fume pipe, turn on the self-priming pump`s power supply, and the cleaning liquid is sprayed out at the end of the soft shaft brush.
(7) Insert the foot switch into the interface on the control cabinet and tighten the black nut, then turn on the power and open the air switch in the control cabinet. Press the green running button (RUN) on the control panel and turn the knob to about 900RPM (if there is no light on the governor control panel or no digits are displayed,please reset the emergency stop switch.) The brush head slowly accelerates to the set speed. If the green indicator light is not on and the brush head is not rotating, please press the foot switch and release it. The brush head starts to rotate and can be cleaned. Work, press the foot switch again and release it, the brush head stops spinning turn, then place the foot switch next to the cleaning station, and then press the foot switch and release when the brush head rotates. When cleaning the square tube, adjust the position of the brush cleaning by the forward and reverse switch.

(1),The power supply used for this system is 220V single-phase power supply (If you use it with 110V power supply,we`ll equip it with voltage transformer to let you no-problem use), and the power supply must be grounded properly. In the actual operation, people always use two-wire socket without a ground wire ,which will cause the machine to generate the phenomenon of 110 volts induction power.Using a socket with a ground wire can solve this problem.Because this machine is used in a humid environment,therefore,the machine must be used with a grounded power cord for safe purpose.
(2) Check whether the Leakage Protection Plug button works good or not before every operation. If the Leakage Protection Plug button does not work properly, stop using the machine and change to be a good Leakage Protection Plug.

Daily maintenance for “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”
(1) After the cleaning work, pump the clean water through the flexible shaft at least 5 minutes to remove the alkaline cleaning liquid remaining in the pump and the flexible shaft.
(2) Wash the brush head and let it dry for the next time.
(3) Store the machine and accessories in a dry and cool place.

Buying guide to “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]

Background to develop “Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct Cleaning Machine”

Grease and oily kitchen duct takes most important part in fire hazards.About 25% accidental fire in a commerical building comes from the duct of greasy or oily extraction& cooking systems (Refer to What causes duct fires in restaurant kitchens’ ventilation duct). In China, cooking in kitchen causes 51,260 fires in commerical buildings in 2015 (51% of all fires)1.

Because the system of kitchen extracting is covered with serious oil,grease and other materials which could cause a fire and spreads quickly to the whole exhausting system. In some worst-cases scenario, it maybe cause deaths and substantial property damages vulnerable to prosecution. Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is an obvious fire risk and thus can render insurance policies invalid.

Grease and oily coating also creates irritating smoke and bad smells.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your kitchen ducts clean.

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