Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine


Item: Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine

短い説明: The Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine is pushed into the duct,rotary brush and thus loose the dirty and dust;At the same time,suction the loosed dirty into the machine.This equipment is usually to used to clean the round duct which size is small.

Important Features: Finish the work of Brush and Suction in a same machine.

原産地: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Model A- “Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine-Standard Type”

Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine standard

Model A: Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine

短い説明: This  Air Duct Cleaning Equipment is standard version in the field of air duct cleaning equipments.Usually,you need two device for basically clear air duct:one is cleaning device and the other is duct suction device. In this Universal Air Duct Cleaning Equipment,combines two basic function:cleaning and suction. Use softpipe into the air duct,the brush will rotate and thus to clear the dust,and at the same time,the pipe will suct the dust into the collection bucket.No need seal air bag before working.

Duct Type: Circular duct, Rectangular duct,Horizontal duct, Erect duct,Duct size :80mm to 250mm

Feature:  Double Function: cleaning and suction;Three Suction Motor;Rotary speed can be regulated;Clock and anti-clock rotary;Portable with industry-grade castors.

原産地: China , Sell to worldwide.

Design&Construction(As below image):
1,Control panel
2,Suction pipe connector
3,Dust collection bucket
4,Dust collection bag
5,Overload protection button
when current is overload,the button will be shutoff automatically;
after check electricity,you can put it agin for working again.
6,Power wire
7,(Automatic)Switch between forward direction and opposite direction;
8,Switch of suction;
9,(Hand)Switch between forward direction and opposite direction;
10,Rotation speed regulation button;
11,Screen,to show rotation state and rotation time;
12,Dust suction pipe;
13,Rotary Brush;

Technical Parameters:

Voltage:  220V
Power:  3600W
Dust capacity:  60L
Vacuum suction:  270mbar
Airflow:  120L/S
Suction pipe:10m
Brush rotating speed:  0-150r/min
Noise:  62dB
Dimension:  480x450x1050mm
Weight:  45kg
Working temperature:  -10℃ to  50℃
Suction pipe diameter:  Φ50mm,long 10m / 15m

design-and-constructionCleaning duct-1Cleaning duct-2

Model B- “Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine-Advanced Type”

Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine

Model B: Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine

短い説明: Operating range ø80-250mm circular or rectangular ducts. With industrial-grade design, and adopt ergonomic design, so that the machine is not only safe, but also allows the operator to have handy feeling and comfort operation. You can manually control the high-power vacuum motor, high efficiency filter barrel, automatic reversing (to reduce the artificial working), anti-noise ventilation, suction fit circuit protection,No need seal air bag before working. Has features of easy operation, stable performance, job controllability and other characteristics. Work for many air ducts cleaning,high working efficiency.It is top equipment on the “Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine” market currently .

Duct Type: Circular duct, Rectangular duct,Horizontal duct, Erect duct,80mm≤duct height≤250mm

原産地: China , Sell to worldwide.

Rotary brush air duct cleaning equipment

Technical Parameter Work for:
Working Voltage:AC 220V Dust Collecting Motor Power:2400W For height 100mm≤duct height≤250mm
Max. Negative Pressure:19KPa Driving Motor Power:185W Duct type Circular▇ Rectangular▇
Horizontal▇ Erect▇
Rotary Speed:
Suction pipe:10m Dust type Non-explosion dust; Non-oily dust
Cleaning Height:100-250mm


Buying Guide to “Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine”
  • The device is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight(by sea or by air) into the cost;
  • 受け入れ量コンテナを配置できる
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types duct cleaning equipments,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite item you need.


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