Duct Cleaning Robot Controller



Dimensions: 470mm (length) * 370mm (wide) x 200mm (high)
Weight: 12 Kg
The use of voltage: input voltage AC220V/50HZ, output voltage 24VDC
or 12VDC
Power: 150W
Standard equipment:
(1) 10.4 inch high-definition LCD display, synchronous monitoring and
recording system, before and after the two
Channel synchronous display, video using the standard MP4 format, can
be converted into other formats and
Splicing. Equipped with 500G or more storage hard disk
(2) standard industrial design, safe walking program control system
complete, line overload,
(3) the original device security protection system
Special equipment:
(1) the robot walking four wheel synchronous system and turn the
differential system
(2) the robot automatically along wall offset walking ultrasonic automatic
navigation control system
(3) brush lifting intelligent adjustment system (wind pipe cleaning robot
according to the level of automatic control)
(4) the robot walking in hole ultrasonic automatic alarm and stop system

Controller-panel controller-package


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