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Island International Property For The Overall Distribution Of Daikin Air Conditioning Program Manufacturer-supplier China

Island international property for the overall distribution of Daikin air conditioning program

International Plaza, Blue Bay air conditioners why Hunan Daikin air conditioner

temperature in Hunan province to undertake international Blue Bay throughout the more than 70,000 square meters of office space of Daikin air conditioning and distribution program, using large equipment, CMS systems, from the concept of cost control and energy saving and environmental protection, which can ensure the overall program, also did a reasonable layout. This project all by my company design, construction and installation, after-sale maintenance.

Air conditioning, Blue Bay International Plaza configurationis located in the new town center of South Lake District, Changsha city, dominating the CBD core extension of print Riverside plots, with a unique vision delineation urban core high-end hotels, office buildings, residential enclave, run for the new spirit of CBD, proliferation of permanent lock. Rare stone mansion, the endorsements century monumental works, derived from European courtly neo-classical ideas architecture, temperament was born as honor, noble style origins long; facade has a full-bodied dry hanging stone + advanced helical tempered insulating glass curtain wall, tens of thousands of pieces of natural stone are the selection of ancient mountains, over thousands of years to temper, then by master carved out.

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