Importance of central air conditioning system cleaning in the hotel

Importance of central air conditioning system cleaning in the hotel 2

Cleaning is the most important part of central air conditioning maintenance, but many hotels will ignore this. There is always a misunderstanding about cleaning the air conditioner. Many people think that it is sufficient to remove the filter. However, many people do not know that central air conditioning cleaning includes multiple parts: ventilation duct cleaning, fan coil and air cabinet cleaning, cooling tower cleaning, main unit cleaning, water system pipe cleaning, and air conditioning circulating water quality management.

As an indispensable product of the hotel, the central air conditioner is used very frequently. If the air conditioning system is not cleaned for a long time, dust and bacteria are deposited in the ventilation system, and the sediment and algae deposited in the water system will not only affect the air conditioning performance and the guest experience, but also Will affect the life of the central air conditioning host or compressor.

It is understood that after the fins at the end of the central air conditioner accumulate ash, as the ash accumulates, the energy consumption will increase by 5% -20%, and during the long-term operation of the central air conditioner, a lot of dust and gravel will also be deposited in the air duct. , Carbon materials, crystals, fibers, paint chips, corroded and dropped duct material, etc. In addition, there are some insect carcasses mixed in. These dusts are blown out along with breeding bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms. It has a bad smell and is extremely harmful to human health. It can easily cause people to suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases.

The cleaning of the central air-conditioning host and the circulating water system is the most easily overlooked in the hotel industry, but it is of great significance for the hotel to save energy and reduce the consumption and extend the life of the air-conditioning equipment.

After the central air-conditioning mainframe is used for a period of time, scale will appear. Some data show that the thickness of the scale is 0.2-0.5mm, the heat exchange efficiency is reduced by 33%, and the central air-conditioning operation energy consumption is increased by about 20% on average. The host is shut down due to a high voltage accident.

The central air-conditioning cooling water system is an open system. During the operation, due to the continuous evaporation of water and the increase of the concentration factor, the salt, hardness, and algae reproduction contained in it have been continuously improved, resulting in deterioration of water quality and fouling of the condenser. , Corrosion, microorganisms, dirt clogging and other hazards.

The central air-conditioning chilled water system is a closed system. The main problem is corrosion of dissolved oxygen. Iron oxide forms red and black water in the water. If it is not treated, it will become more and more serious and shorten the service life.

Therefore, whether it is the cleaning of the central air-conditioning ventilation system or the cleaning of the circulating water system, it is of great significance for the hotel industry’s guest experience and energy saving. Yaxin air conditioning service experts reminded that in order to achieve the best operation of the air conditioning system, it is recommended to clean the central air conditioning system (cleaning of the ventilation system and water system) 1-2 times a year.

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