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Custom Impact Extrusion Metal Parts,material can be Aluminium,Copper,Carbon Steel,Zinc,customized by China manufacturer factory. With our advanced impact extrusion technique, we transform raw metal materials into precision-crafted components that meet the highest industry standards. Our process involves applying extreme pressure to shape and form metal into intricate and durable parts, ensuring exceptional strength and accuracy. Whether you need custom-made components for automotive, aerospace, or consumer electronics industries, our impact extrusion metal parts deliver excellence in design, performance, and reliability. Experience the difference with our cutting-edge manufacturing solution today!

  • Shape & Size: according to drawing;
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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A factory to custom“Impact Extrusion Metal Parts”

Welcome to Smartclima, the pioneering manufacturer of custom “Impact Extrusion Metal Parts.” With years of expertise and a commitment to innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the industry. Our state-of-the-art factory is equipped with advanced machinery and a highly skilled team, allowing us to deliver exceptional quality and precision in every component we produce.

At Smartclima, we specialize in impact extrusion, a revolutionary manufacturing process that enables us to create metal parts with unparalleled strength, durability, and intricate designs. Whether you require components for automotive, aerospace, or consumer electronics applications, we have the expertise to fulfill your unique specifications.

Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet their exact needs. From concept development to final production, we prioritize quality at every step, utilizing rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the highest standards.

By choosing Smartclima, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services, including design assistance, prototyping, tooling, and mass production. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us the go-to partner for your impact extrusion metal parts needs.

Experience the Smartclima difference and unlock the potential of impact extrusion technology for your manufacturing requirements. Partner with us today and discover why we are the preferred choice for custom metal parts in the industry.

Details of “Impact Extrusion Metal Parts”

Impact Extrusion Metal Parts, also named cold extrusion, cold heading, is cold working, a process of metal defroming working and material forming, is carried out at a normal temperature. The material for cold forging are mostly small, better deforming ,mainly are aluminum alloys, copper and some alloys, low carbon steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel. The product surface with cold forging manufacturing is high quality, high dimensional accuracy, can replace some of the cutting. It makes material strengthen and improve the strength of the parts.

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Benefits of Impact Extrusion Metal Parts

Material and Process Cost Advantages:

See below charts to check how much you can save if made with Impact Extrusion technology:

Impact Extrusion save material

The Result: Metal Cold Forging can be lower Costs of Product to the Customer

Impact Extrusion is Speedy and Fast production

Depending on the dimension of the metal part,the average production speed can reach 3000-4000pcs per hour(with feed material auotmatically).

The product by impact extrusion is tough

The affected part is a fully wrought, dense, and also porous-free structure. Grain placement is extremely uniform, passing on optimal toughness and also strength. This metallurgical problem could not be safeguarded by casting or by machining a functioned bar.

Impact Extrusions Are high density and strong

The non- heat treatable alloys are work solidified by affecting. The warmth treatable alloys could be warmth dealt with in typical fashion after influencing. A few of the warmth treatable alloys, consisting of a number in the 6 as well as 7 thousand series, are offered 60 % of their maximum heat dealt with as well as aged properties by influencing alone.

Impact Extrusions are smooth and clean

There is no flash to be machined as well as no sand to be taken out. There is no scale and there are no parting lines. Finishing is often unneeded. Typically, impact extrusions are made from alloy 1100 come out of the press with indoor surface areas ranging from 16 to 32 micro inch and outside surface areas varying from 32 to 63 micro inch. Effects have absolutely no draft angles.

Impact Extrusion is saving material

Effort as well as steel cost savings alone are major when compared to casting and machining. The aluminum slug from which the impact is formed may be so accurately sized that no steel need be cut from the contended effect. in could instances the expense of a finished effect is less compared to the expense of the bar stock from which it could have been machined.

Impact Extrusion avoid further Machining

Impact extrusion could change machined elements directly in many styles. In several others influences are made use of to lessen machining expenses. When stress requires a wrought aluminum part, excess metal as well as equipment time could be lessened by offering the machinist with an influenced blank.

Steps and specialized facilities/tools to process “Impact Extrusion Metal Parts”

Processing “Impact Extrusion Metal Parts” involves several steps and requires specialized facilities and tools. Here is an overview of the typical process and the equipment used at Smartclima:

Design and Engineering: Our experienced team of engineers collaborates with customers to understand their requirements and develop the most suitable design for the impact extrusion metal part. We utilize advanced design software to create 3D models and simulations.

Tooling Design and Manufacturing: Once the design is finalized, our experts create the tooling required for the impact extrusion process. This includes dies, punches, and other specialized tooling components. Our tooling is manufactured using high-quality materials and precision machining techniques.

Material Selection and Preparation: We carefully select the appropriate material, such as aluminum, copper,zinc, or other alloys, based on the part’s specifications and its intended application. The material is then prepared, which involve cutting, shaping, or preforming operations.

Impact Extrusion Process: The prepared material is loaded into the impact extrusion machine. The machine applies high-pressure forces to the material, forcing it to flow and shape into the desired form within the specially designed tooling. This process creates the intricate features and complex geometries of the metal part.

Secondary Operations: Depending on the specific requirements, additional secondary operations may be performed. These can include machining, trimming, bending, surface finishing(remove all burrs and break all sharp edges,case with free of foreign materials and residue), and assembly. Smartclima has a range of advanced equipment such as CNC machines, lathes, presses, and finishing tools to complete these operations.

Inspection and Quality Control: Smartclima has dedicated facilities and equipment for inspection and quality control purposes, including measurement tools, gauges, and testing equipment.

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    you do impact extrusion of 80-20 brass/

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    We Need Impact Extruded Aluminium 6061 casing as per attached drawing. Please let me know its possibility of production of 5000 units at you facility.

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    We are looking for a manufacturer that can do impact extrusions for us. We are looking at high strength aluminum alloy technical parts.

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