Immersion heater with ceramic heating element

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Supply Immersion heater with ceramic heating element,ceramic core immersion heaters,exported by China manufacturer.Heat various of liquids including water,fuel oil, glycol, acid, sodium hydroxide, bitumen, and so on.The ceramic heater can be up to 15kW, 400V single phase or 3 phase.Customized size,ceramic element diameter can be from 26mm to 108mm,length can reach 20cm to 600cm.Durable service life and easy to replace.Factory direct-sell,quality is assured.


  • the heaters are consist by a high temperature ceramic former that then has a spiralled resistance wire coil running through a number of holes along the length of the former.
  • With many different terminations and wiring configurations in multitude of voltages and wattages,Can be up to 15kW, i.e: 400V single or 3-phase;
  • Ceramic element available diameter range 26mm,30mm,32mm,36mm,40mm,44mm,47mm,57mm,68mm,86mm,etc.
  • Heater`s total  length can be from 200mm,and can reach 600cm or more.
  • Support to horizontally or vertically mounted on static or circulating fluid tanks.
  • Always are designed and built into space heaters, furnaces and semiconductors. to heat various of liquids including water, oil, fuel oil, glycol, acid, sodium hydroxide, bitumen, etc
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;
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Models and Details for “Immersion heater with ceramic heating element ”

The Immersion heater with the type of ceramic heating element mainly is used to heat different kinds of liquid. It is usually installed in water/liquid/oil tanks where has a enamel coated metal tube or stainless steel shield tube,and inside the metal tube places this kind of ceramic heating element .This design ensures replacement of the heating element without draining the tank or container in case of its working failure or break. When you are using pouring tubes, the more contacting surface is achieved for better heat disbution, which enables high power to be installed in the tank .Ceramic elements and ceramic heaters are always taken as efficient heating elements. It is always primarily used in liquid tanks or containers where the ceramic heating immersion elements are put inside a metallic tube with porcelin coating to permit replacement of the ceramic element ,no require to empty container and tank .

Accept customized size: Yes.Give us the size and parameters,we`ll do a suitable heating elemenet for you.

Immersion heater with ceramic heating element

drawing of Immersion heater with ceramic heating element parameter

Material is long-lasting and high quality ceramic ,and assembled or mounted in cylindrical shape shown on picture above.Immersion heater with ceramic heating element are made from very hard materials so they’re resistant for damages. Ceramic profiles provides homogeneous heating of the whole surface. Medium is heated through the temperature radiation.

Immersion heater with ceramic heating element separate heating elements from water or oil. Primarily used for heating water, liquids and oil products. They are primarily installed in tanks and containers in which the heating elements is placed inside a tube to allow replacement of the heating element without having to empty the tank or container. When using pouring tubes, a larger surface is achieved for better heat disbution, which enables high power to be installed in the container with a ceramic heating element.

1. The ceramic body being treated against damp.
2. Adopting the hoskins hi-nickel resistance wire.
3. Without dropping of hi-temperature resistance wire.
4. Any broken-wire will not touch the shell.
5. Longer operation life.

Specification of Immersion heater with ceramic heating element:
220V\1200W; 220V\1500W; 380V,etc.Special specification can be customized by customer.

Ceramic profile (circle) – single element which is use to bulit complete cylindrical heater. Quantity of those elements depends on lenght (L), diameter (Ø), power and application of the heater. Ceramic heating elements are connected axially and secured to head.
Lead wires are connected to head by wire clamps or directly.
Distance of unheated zone (Lm), is determined by a customer.

Heating coil – made of high quality resistance heating wire is put in ceramic profiles. Diameter of heating coil strictly depends on heating power, supply voltage and size of heating element.

  • Notice: the customer must provide drawing or sample of Immersion heater with ceramic heating element which need.If no drawing or no sample,you must tell us the following information: Product dimension,Voltage,power,length, diameter,etc.
  • Notice: when you purchase this heating element,please conside 3% coefficient of expansion,because it will be bigger when heating.


Lenght (L) [mm]
200 – 6000
Diameter (Ø) [mm]
12; 16; 26;31;32;;36;38;40;43;44;45;47;48;49;
Voltage [V]
220; 230; 380; 3×380; 400; 3×400 or different
Max. temperature [℃]
Heating power [W]
250 – 8000
Max. Surface load [W/cm2]








ceramic core Immersion heater

white ceramic heating element

customize various length ceramic core immersion heater used as heating element

Some example sizes:

Outer Diameter
For Flange Tube Dimension
Length Range
Power Range kw/m
WaterHeating Oil
φ31φ38×3300 – 15004.5-5.53.5-4
φ44φ51×3300 – 20006-74-5
φ49φ57×3.5300 – 25007-85-6
φ62φ70×3.5500 – 30008.5-9.56.5-7.5
φ67(φ68)φ76×4(φ76×3.5)500 – 35009.5-10.57-8
φ108φ121×51000 – 600015-1712-13


 How to purchase “Immersion heater with ceramic heating element”

  • The ceramic heating element is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production,pls tell diameter,power,length and diameter required;
  • More types of  Immersion heater with ceramic heating element are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

General Knowledge on “Immersion heater with ceramic heating element”

ceramic-heating-element-applicationReplacement heating elements for immersion ceramic heaters fitted with pockets.These immersion ceramic heaters is consisted by many ceramic cores heating element which are composed in a cylindrical sheath made of materials adapted to the heated fluid.The Immersion heater with ceramic heating element mainly is used to heat liquid,water,or  oil. It is usually installed in water/liquid/oil tanks where has a enamel coated metal tube,and insde the metal tube places this kind of ceramic heating element .This design ensures replacement of the heating element without draining the tank or container in case of its working failure. When you are using pouring tubes, the more contacting surface is achieved for better heat disbution, which enables high power to be installed in the tank with Immersion heater with ceramic heating element.

Features of Electric Immersion heater with ceramic heating element
1, practical and reliable. All elements from our factory are tested and checked, has reliable and durable quality.
2, the core material is made with DC arc welding, which let surface load, resistance and technical indicators be guaranteed.
3, heat-resistant insulating material is with German recipe, the porcelain has good performance of thermal shock resistance, anti high temperature, long service life, good surface quality.

We manufactured high, medium and low temperature furnace atmosphere furnace and special specifications arbitrary choice. Coat of high temperature alloy tubing seamless tubes and coils of pipe, centrifugal casting, non-metallic special anti-carburizing casing. And in accordance with radiation tube heating element used in various atmospheres and harsh circulation conditions, the situation can not be applied in general resistance alloys under. Company researchers developed a new resistance alloy radiant tubes special materials. The material is stable, high resistivity, temperature coefficient, adapt radiant tube heating element used in a unique performance instead of expensive imported materials.
Its advantages are: 1, the installation, testing, easy maintenance, both in the outer furnace. Without cooling the furnace maintenance shutdown or replace electric heating devices. Under normal production conditions, replace only about 10 minutes, greatly reducing labor intensity and improve productivity. 2, compact structure, stable performance, a single power, the life of an ordinary electric heating several times

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  • Javier

    Dear Smartclima team,we are a leadning water heater manufacturer in Spain,and we are looking for the ceramic immersion heaters with different length,please contact me.

    Verified Purchase
  • G Ali Entezari

    I have a prototype product ,
    I need first order ceramic heater with diameter 35 mm x 245 mm length
    with 600w/115v that end with Double copper tube 10 mm dia parallel spiral coil heater exchanger with diameter 52 mm x 170 mm length = total length = 415 mm. I have designed.Second order : Double copper tube diameter 10 mm ID=80,OD=120mm,length=75mm.
    Best Regards,
    Ali Entezari

  • Arkint Fernandes

    Dear sir,

    we need your offer for 18 nos , ceramic bobbin heaters.

    Dia 25mm length from end to end including terminal 1525 mm.

    watts :3800 W ,230 Volts 1 phase

    Please let us know your price and delivery.

    Thanks and

  • Franc Hanzic


    Im curious about price of ceramic heater with next details:
    Diameter: 36mm
    Lenght: 190mm
    Power: ~900W by 230V

    I have similar heater but the screw on the middle always bent the whole heater.
    Is there also an option that the heater is made from one piece ceramic?

    Please see attachment for details.
    And how much is shipment to Slovenia?

    Best regards

  • Jamie Hilton

    I am looking for the part that is attached by photo – I wondered if you are able to source it?
    Thanks for your help,

  • Bruno L. Arana

    Good morning. We are an importing company from Uruguay with more than 40 years in bussiness.

    During a web search for an article that some of our clients are interested in, we stumbled across your website, and we would like to know some information about your immersion heater with ceramic heating elements, and even its parts.

    We usually import them in cordierite material, but if you can produce them in a non-cordierite material that results cheaper, but still good quality, please do tell, we are interested. We also need the different variations in measure you can produce them, similar to the attached pictures.

    As following, some details we would like to know in order to proceed to making bussiness.

    1.- FOB Price for each item and minimum quantity orders.
    2.- Would you be able to send us a sample of the item for us to analize before placing the final order?
    3.- Do you accept Letter of Credit at sight as payment terms?
    4.- Estimated delivery time after making the payment deposit.
    5.- International quality control certificates that you have for these items (better if you have ISO 9001, VDE and CE).

    Kindly waiting for your reply.

  • Dennis Long

    Would like to purchase a Immersion heater with ceramic heating element. Length: 910 mm; outer diameter: 44mm; Volts: 3 x 400; power: 7kW/m

    Quantity: 2

    Please reply with price and lead time for delivery, and shipping cost.

  • kulbir singh

    immerssion heater of dia 32 mm * 140 mm element,wire dia 0.32mm

  • Ruben BACOR

    Dear ALL,Please send me full technical details ON IMMERSION HEATER WITH CERAMIC HEATING ELEMENT
    We have four individual tank capacity 1000 liters with stainless steel , dimension L 1000 x B 1000 x H 1000
    I need to heat the fresh water during winter season (IN MAURITIUS)
    Could you please to send me your best price and delivery time

    • Smartclima


      Dear Ruben,

      Please let me know the temperature of your place during the winter and the temperature of the water you require.
      You also let me know the time you can spare to heat the water to the temperature you require.
      What you wish to do with this 1000 Litres of water. You want to use the water totally once it reaches your required temperature or the water that is being used by you is replaced by the cold water.

      (M) +91 9874078313

  • carol bampton

    Good morning,We are looking for a replacement ‘ceramic core element’ for our ‘Hexatherm’ 200l domestic water heater.
    dia; 45mm
    length; 435mm
    cold length; 35mm
    hot length; 400mm (8 x 50mm)
    earth pin
    2450w / 230 v

    Please, can you give an estimate as to how much this would cost ? – Thankyou


  • Property continental group

    Please inform the price and availability of ceramic
    cylindrical heating elements of diameter 45mm, length 1000mm, power
    6000W, voltage of 380 volts.But not immersial ceramic
    cylindrical heating element.

  • Sadegh Rasooli

    Dear Sir / Lady,
    My name is Sadegh Rasooli from iran.
    Our company (Alum pars Co.) is a leading aluminium sheets producer in Iran.
    We would like to inform you that we Need Ceramic protection Immersion Heaters complete sets including heating element, Protection Tube, Thermocouple & etc.(as attached drawing)
    Electrical data
    Electric connection 400 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase A.C voltage
    Electric current: 20 A
    Main fuse: 32 A
    Power consumption 15 kW
    We would like to place an order for 10 PCS of Immersion heaters.
    Could you please let us have the price and technical specification of your suggest?

    Waiting to hearing from you ASAP.

    Best Regards,
    Sadegh Rasooli


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