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Item: Hydraulic grease nipples

Short Description: Also named Grease gun coupler,grease fittings,Injection Packer Joint Filler Zerk Fitting.It is a Zerk Coupler Nozzle connecting to valve on injection pump .Made from wild iron with electrical plating,or electrophoresis. Usually are used with injection packer together to for building concrete crack repair.

Materials:Iron (mild steel)


Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details

Grease-gun-couplerpackage for Hydraulic grease nipples

Technical data:

  • Connection 1: for H-nipples;
  • Connection 2: G1/8″ femail
  • Design:4 jaws,turned;
  • Wrench size(mm): 13;
  • Material: Yellow or black zinc,Black electrophoresis;
  • Thread Type;
  • Diameter:15mm;
  • Length: 36mm;
  • Weigth(kg):0.03
  • Gift packing as above;
  • Package unit:10pcs;
  • Three models as following.

Application :
This product is widely used with injection packer,to connect to valve on injection pump

Type A (Black Zinc plating):

Hydraulic-grease-nipples-Type A

Type B (Yellow Zinc plating):

Hydraulic-grease-nipples-Typc B

Type C (Black electrophoresis,explosion-proof type):

Hydraulic-grease-nipples-Type C

Always are used with injection packer together to for building concrete crack repair.

Injection Packer Joint Filler Zerk Fitting

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