how to properly start the refrigerator After a long power off

how to properly start the refrigerator after a long power off

You need to take instant start 3 times to start the refrigerator after a long power off . Specific practice is plugged in and then unplug, in 5 minutes, repeat, a total of 3 times, then party to power.

Experts recommend

Encountered after the initial boot, if unnatural or downtime, not cooling noise, leakage failure, should invite the professional maintenance of formal enterprises, do not themselves open to repair, so as not to expand the scope of failure.

Points for attention when used in summer

First, peacetime should clear the box of leftovers as soon as possible. Leftovers on the one hand easy to make refrigerator contents chuanwei, on the other hand are easily corroded by various bacteria, and therefore should be eaten as soon as possible, but remember to be heated before eating.

Second, you should regularly clean the refrigerator, about power washing once in three months. Cleaning including defrosting ice removal and wipe clean inside container.

Third, pay attention to cleaning the refrigerator door seal. Freezer door seal on more than a dozen species of microbial, is prone to various diseases of the human body, and therefore should be frequently cleaned. If you can wipe with alcohol-soaked dry cloth to clean the sealing strip, works best.

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