How to make safe your gas stove?



Phenomenon or trouble you maybe encounter when using gas stove:

We often encounter such situation: when using gas for cooking, because of some unexpected things happening ,you maybe forget to turn off gas switch,which results gas burning long time, resulting in unnecessary waste; even itwill burn stoves, cause fires and other accidents; especially for children and old people,they are more easier to forget to cut off gas.It cause huge losses and irreparable consequences. In addition, the stove connection hose connector will be loose,fall off, bitten by rats, aging ,all will cause the gas leak.


Or,in some occasion,you may need your  gas stove/device with timer control mechanical device  which can automatically shut off the gas when it reachs the set time.

How to slove this phenomenon or trouble?

How to slove this phenomenon or trouble? Answer is to use a good gas timer.

gas timergas-timer


The gas timer is used to mechanically control gas supply(automatically shut off the gas) with desired time set up(Range from 0 minutes and 60 minutes).For example,if you set up 20 minutes,the gas will be shut off  automatically when it arrive at 20 minutes. Of course,you still can shut off gas in hand at any time you want.

This gas timer applies to gas stove,it no need other power, you can freely set any time within one hour(from 0 minut to 60 minutes) to shut off stove valve,when it reachs set time,the ring will mention you. The timing of the gas valve is in the closed state in peacetime to ensure that no pressure cooker, put an end due to aging or stove hose valve leakage caused by leakage risks. In addition, the gas timer has energy-saving function(integrated energy-saving 15%), it is a multi-purpose product.

Unique features or functions:

Easy to install and operate, adaptable, safe, reliable, long life, energy-saving with features.

1. Plastic shell and metal inlet & outlet;
2.Pressure0.8-3kpa.  Permitted max. pressure:10Kpa;
3.Applicable to stove burning pipeline gas, liquefied tank petroleum gas, natural gas;
4. Can set freely burning time (from o minute to 60 minutes), the valve automatically closes when it reachs set time;
5. It is a mechanical device,no need electricity powered,;
6. In the same situation,it can save gas by 15%.

Details showing:

gas timer

gas timer


How to install gas timer:

The installation steps:
1. The back of the case is marked with product inlet and outlet, and the gas inlet connected to gas source ,and the gas outlet connected to stove ,and then, tighten the clamp;

How to use:
1. This product is used in an ambient temperature of 6~ 45 ℃;
2. If no need timer function, move the knob to the “ON” (normally open) position;
4. If the timing is less than 10 minutes, need to move the knob to the position more than 10 minutes, and then move back to the desired time position;
5. When the gas timer is in closed (OFF) position, remember to turn off the gas stove;





* The  gas stove without installed gas timer is dangerious when use;
* After install gas timer,it can set time to use,Set burning time freely(0-60 minutes), the valve automatically cut off when it reachs the set time.keep safe;
* The gas timer is a mechanical device,no need electricity
* It help to save gas .