How to maintenance your Ground-source heat pump evaporators

1) check the frozen water and fouling in the evaporator, and sewage water.

2) detection of water side refrigerant temperature between

3) care should be opened when the evaporator discharge valve at the bottom of the impurity of sludge discharge and, if necessary, remove the discharge ball valve to increase the sewage outlet

4) should be especially noted that during the winter without using to prevent damage caused by water freezing evaporator

5) to prevent the temperature drop causes the temperature of the induction air temperature rather than the evaporator temperature, leading to frequent low-temperature alarm

6) maintenance of sewage can refer to the following steps:

(1) run the pump for 10 minutes

(2) drain check water quality

(3) according to the water quality in color, suspended solids, rust, and so on, it is recommended that user manual mechanical cleaning or using chemical cleaning

(4) after cleaning, sewage valve opened to its maximum, to discharge the sewage

(5) drainage NET before refilling with water check water run for 30 minutes, if necessary, job

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