How to maintenance Air conditioning in the seasons conservation

How to maintenance Air conditioning in the seasons conservation

Most common is to give air conditioner outdoor unit on an air conditioning cover, which prevents the erosion of wind, snow, rain, dust, and extend the life of outdoor compressor. Some families are also given in the air conditioning room specially customized enclosure, actually, with indoor dust is not very large, we could do without, as long as attention to often clean the indoor unit can be!

Also note that we use the air conditioning before the hood, to select operation mode of air conditioning blower mode turned on for a while, it can blow dry air conditioner condensate, after avoiding long-term without air conditioning, corrosion caused by condensation water on the air conditioner and the breeding of germs.

We need air conditioning for heating in the winter, indoor temperatures preferably between 16-26 degrees Celsius (best 20 degrees Celsius). Some friends liked to set the air conditioner temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius, as high as you can, but it’s not so prone to frequent start of air conditioning, damage to your compressor has a larger, but also consumes more electricity. Need to be aware of is that heating just boot it is best to use low windshield, switch to strokes in a half hour.

If you do have a need for mobile air conditioning, himself never rash, be sure to let a professional air conditioning repair people to perform, this prevents refrigerant leaks in the process of moving, and connected to the wrong power cord to bring damage to the air conditioning.

Air conditioning in unused for long periods, air conditioner be sure to disconnect the power supply. The batteries of the remote control must be removed to prevent battery liquid leaks bring damage to the remote control.

If small, you’d make this a few moves of absolute certainty, that your air conditioner is absolutely safe for the winter and air conditioning in life will be longer.

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