How to clean air conditioner?

Do you want to clean air conditioner DIY?Maybe,you feel it is too diffcult. But in fact,it is not hard! Now,let me teach you how to clean.Prepare for the following tools and cleaning agents.

Cleaning Tools
Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment or machine, toolbox, steam shower washing machine, watering can, scraping, fin comb, lighting, blade, wipes, water bags, seat belts, work signs

Cleaning agents
Air conditioning special cleaning agent, universal foam cleaner, shell cleaner, WD-40, pure water

Cleaning steps:
1. Before cleaning first check whether the normal operation of the air conditioning, then turn off the power.

2. Clean the surface of dust air conditioning work at the same time erect signs.

3. Follow the instructions of the air-conditioned enclosure and panel removal, remove the filter.

4. 5L watering can wet the parts to be cleaned in order to better cleaning foam.

5. The air conditioning cleaning agent with a watering can spray on the cleaning of the fin, and allowed to react for 5 to 8 minutes to complete penetration, decomposition exclude stains and cracks in the surface of the fin.

6. scraping scrape the surface of the foam fins with stubborn dirt and deformed fins available uncleared fin comb to clean up.

7. steam shower washing machine after washing fin temperature sterilization, disinfection, grease decomposition.

8. Use the air cleaning machine cleaned with water through the fins clean.

9. Clean the filter and replace the panel.

10. The cabinet and the panel is installed to replace the original air-conditioning installation position, and start running 20 minutes inspection and acceptance.

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