How much can energy-saving air conditioning save money

In an interview, the reporter found that while “China energy efficiency labeling” in conditioning prototype can be seen on the fuselage, but many salespeople explained or vague, or to my problems, and some are even alleged to have misled consumers.

Air conditioning in some counters, sales staff said the air conditioning in a level 4 grade 1 efficiency energy efficiency is equivalent to other brands, in fact here, the salesperson is constant-frequency air conditioning inverter air conditioner efficiency ratings and mixed with the energy efficiency levels of contrast, he means a level 4 of variable frequency air conditioning energy efficiency equivalent to level 1 of another fixed-frequency air conditioning energy efficiency.

In interviews, reporters also found a citizen is the selection of air conditioning was a little confused and asked: “energy efficiency standards for national unity, don’t you? why are 4 levels of energy efficiency, the air conditioning energy efficiency ratio is 3.4, but that air conditioning is just 2.8? what about this air conditioner can save much electricity?” At least once a month, 60~70du. “The sales staff said, pretty sure. “Can save so much? ‘ how was this data out?” ” Calculation method is complex and involves a lot of expertise, I don’t know specifically, but buying it must deal, put up energy efficiency labeling of a simulated? ” Ultimately, the customer is befuddled and left.

In the course of visits to, the reporter noted, some outside sales personnel, in addition to greater efficiency than the vague, is also alleged to have misled consumers. In another air conditioning counters, sales staff even told customers, just labeled as “China energy efficiency labeling” air conditioners are energy-saving products. In fact, air conditioner “energy label” consists of 1, 2, 3, 4, 55, only energy efficiency for level 1, level 2, products can be called energy-efficient products, like 5 levels represent energy-intensive products, market access indicators and, therefore, not “energy label” equate the and saving energy.

B simple formulas to help you count the air conditioning energy saving accounts

In fact, to count the air conditioning energy saving accounts, must first figure out air conditioner “energy efficiency ratio”, because it is a measure of an air conditioner is energy efficient or low energy-efficiency standards.

The so-called “energy efficiency ratio” is the ratio of air conditioning refrigeration and cooling power, in other words, is 1-kilowatt how many kilowatt of electricity generated by an air conditioner with a cooling capacity, for example a 2P air conditioner cooling capacity is 5000W, cooling power is 1785W, so its energy efficiency ratio is 5000/1785=2.8, EER, the greater, shows air conditioning energy efficiency rating, the higher energy the better.

At present, the State aiming at constant speed inverter air conditioner and air conditioning, and enactments of two corresponding to the energy efficiency standards, among them, the constant-speed air conditioner 1~5-level energy efficiency ratio was 3.4, 3.2, 3.0, 2.8, 2.6 and 5.2 per cent of variable frequency air conditioning, 4.5, 3.9, 3.4, 3.0.

Then, on a daily basis, high level energy efficiency ratio EER air conditioning is better than low level air conditioning how much electricity it? gree electric appliances sales co marketing Dragon Minister told reporters that settled this account, it’s really quite simple, or as a cooling capacity up to 5000W 2P air conditioning, for example:

Grade 1 efficiency of the electricity consumption of 5000W/3.4=1471W, namely, power consumption per hour 1.471

2 energy-efficient electricity consumption of 5000W/3.2=1563W, 1.563 per hour electricity

At current electricity charges 0.62 Yuan/degree calculation, if a family uses 4 months in a year (about 120 days), power on 8 hours a day, the grade 1 efficiency ratio 2-level energy efficiency can save a year for electricity: (1.563-1.471) x8x120x0.62=54.76 ().

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