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How Does Solar Energy Convert Into Biomass Energy And Mechanical Energy

How does solar energy convert into biomass energy and mechanical energy

How does solar energy convert into biomass energy and mechanical energy(III)

Solar energy-biomass energy conversion

By photosynthesis in plants, solar energy synthesis of organic matter to carbon dioxide and water (bio-energy) and give off oxygen. The process of photosynthesis is the largest on Earth to convert solar energy, fuel is an ancient and modern human photosynthetic fixation of solar today, at present, the photosynthetic mechanism is not fully understood, energy conversion efficiency of only a few hundredths, in future, its mechanism is of great theoretical significance and practical significance of the study.

Solar energy-mechanical energy conversion
In early 20th century, Russian physicist, experimental proof of light pressure. 20, the Soviet physicists suggested that the great solar sail in space, can move the ship forward under the pressure of sunlight, solar energy directly into mechanical energy. Scientists estimate that in the next 10-20 years, solar sail vision can be achieved. In General, conversion of solar energy to mechanical energy, intermediate process for indirect conversion is required.

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