Household central air conditioning and hot water

We know household central air conditioning is by refrigerant in the refrigeration took indoor heat released into the outdoors, when in heating indoor outdoor heat absorption. During this process will generate heat losses, so can these heat recovery use? This is for sure. Many brands of air conditioning manufacturers are aware of the problem, and thus came into being the multi-purpose residential central air conditioning (cooling or heating and domestic hot water supply), so you can save more energy.

It has been launched on the market today this versatile household central air conditioning Daikin, Daikin VRV is heat recovery released. These two products are built to have the function of air conditioning along with hot water. Not only can improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning energy, you can also install domestic hot water system cost savings.
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Many users of the system may be in doubt, if you do not need to use air conditioning when you use hot water when the air conditioning system not be opened? This is not needed, because the two are separate independent systems so it can be opened independently, if simultaneous opening of two functions is one of the most energy-efficient State.

The benefits of using such a system is that the first can save even more energy and secondly abandoned the traditional water heaters huge profile, with Central hot water, more beautiful third save installation costs for materials and equipment.

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