Home heating – heating with electric heating film

As people pursue high-quality comfort and home heating in the idea into people’s minds. As one of the family heating way of electric floor heating is the darling of home heating. Below, optimum network of small series will introduce readers to warm a detailed comparison of two heating methods.

1 wall heating systems “warm” is not “wind”, air conditioning hot air in the room in general circulation, leading to dry indoor air, dust and bacteria in indoor dust, likely to cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and transmission vectors, will also make human skin dryness, roughness, wrinkles, and skin lesions.

2, wall heating’s heat with interior cold air after contact will produce low temperature far infrared radiation, improves blood circulation, strengthens the human body physique, you can also avoid using conventional air conditioning head hot feet of ice, giddy with discomfort.

3, hot air upwards, children figure is not high, not effective heating, wall heating heating can easily solve this problem.

4, the use of warm wall, the ground is dry, Interior blind, bacteria will not breed. If the room cold, houses, furniture and damp, cause the House become a breeding ground for bacteria. This environment affects both physical and mental health, for children’s growth is also negative, in older adults are more likely to induce a variety of diseases.23440

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