We,Smartclima,locates in Ningbo,China.Estbalished in 1994,developed from a small workshop to process metal products in a small factory.Then,from 1998,start into HVAC products.To now,Smartclima have developed a group type company,covering two fileds: Supply HVAC products & Custom Metal products for worldwide customers.

Deep-professional in supply: HVAC Parts●Heating ●Ventilation●Air Conditioning●Refrigeration●Solar●Energy-Saving

Related to the motto: Energy efficient, smart and healthy HVAC products, Smartclima will feature contributions on the following topics:

  • Energy Efficient Heating, Cooling and Ventilation of Buildings
  • Renewable and High-Efficient Energy Sources
  • Advanced Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning Systems for Buildings
  • Complete parts & materials for air conditioner system,refrigeration system,ventilation project
  • Energy Efficient Domestic Hot Water Supply Systems
  • Sanitary Systems – Hygiene of Domestic Water Supply Systems, Efficient Use of Potable Water, Environmental Friendly Sewage Disposal
  • Advanced Technologies for Building Acoustics
  • Technologies for Intelligent Buildings
  • Quality of Indoor Environment
  • HVAC Best Practise Examples
  • Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Implementation
  • Zero Energy Buildings
  • HVAC in Historical Buildings
  • Fire Safety of the Buildings
  • Renewable & solar energy development
  • Eco-friendly products study

Having abundant experience&knowledge in the fields of HVACR,Smartclima start to study renewable energy products,and put its eye onto developing renewable products & eco-friendly products.Thus,with the efforts of our engineers,solar thermodynamic products were born in 2009; and at the same time,Smartclima is continuing to develope more charming renewable energy products ,in which mainly are solar products, air source products and their hybrid system products.By investing on the existed factory,Smartclima can control products` quality,and put more time to study more renewable energy products.

Our team has been engaged in the field of HVACR with many years, we have a strong design team, mass production capabilities, the standard quality control procedures, logistics services, after-sales service, all of which allows us to provide more effective solutions to demand for cost savings and the strict quality control from clients.

Deep-professional in custom: Sheet Metal Products●Metal Tube Fabrication ●Cold Forging/Heading Parts


Custom Metal Products,Customize&Fabricate To Manufacture Metal Parts

  • Custom Sheet Metal Products,including Stamping,Bending,Deep Drawing,Laser Cutting,CNC Punching
  • Custom Metal Cabinet,Enclosure,Chassis,Box
  • Custom Metal Bracket,Support,Mount,Shelf
  • Custom Metal Tube Deforming,including Metal Tube Bending,Forming,Expanding,Metal Wire Forming
  • Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude Metal Profile With Extrusion Maching
  • Custom Cold Forging Parts & Machinery Components,Metal Cold Forming,Metal Machining
  • Cold Forging,Cold Heading,Sheet Metal Drawing,Metal Impact Extruding,Metal Lathing,Metal machining
  • Die-Casting Fabrication,Aluminum Die Casting,Zinc Die Casting,Brass Castings,etc
  • Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM Plastic Products,Fabricate Plastic Products
  • Rubber Molding Fabrication Service,Custom Rubber Products,OEM Rubber Parts

Having abundant experience&knowledge in the fields of metal products processing and fabrication,we have a full service customing metal factory, professional in manufacturing Metal brackets,cabinets,enclosures,tube bending,tube deforming,machinery parts,cold forging&heading metal parts for your project in worldwide. We serve in many industries, from light industry to heavy industry,where need metal parts. Our customers range from automotive supply, consignment supply, secure with integrated locking mechanisms, and other heavy industry. Our products are made to order from a variety of metal gauges with full-welded construction. With our metal fabrication experience and capabilities to process metal products ranging from precision punching and bending to robotic welding and intricate metal perforating, can provide you with quality, finished products, on budget and on time. We have in-one-house services that move your project along and ensure quality at each stage—engineering support, component assembly, finishing and labeling, as well as storage and fulfillment.

Why Chose Smartclima products?

  • The company has long history and much experience to serve worldwide customers;
  • In depth experience in International business,from accepting order to shipping delivery;
  • Has a complete procedures to control quality,from material purchasing to finished products;
  • Can supply durability service,from pre-purchasing to after sale;
  • One-Stop solution for your project of HVAC parts●Heating●Ventilation●Air Conditioning●Refrigeration●Solar Project
  • Leading and innovating in the HVACR Industry for more than 2 decades.
  • Can custom products according to your requirements.
  • Lower cost than our competitors with similar products and no compromise on quality.
  • Working on a consultative basis with clients. We understand clients don’t want to be sold, they want solutions.
  • Order track record of providing solutions is second to none.