High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning

Sell High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning. It is new and striking jet pump for flush washing and cleaning air conditioner system.With very high pressure up to 40Bar(adjustable),they are compact,cleaning package,lightweight and unbeatable in pumping and flushing performance.

Electrical parameters: 220V,50HZ,660W(the max watt when reachs max pressure);
Pressure: 0-40Bar,adjustable;

Flow: 2.7L/min;

Package: With plastic box

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Models and Details for “High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning ”

Product Features:

  • Oil-less construction(No lubricating oil or grease required).No need maintenance;
  • High-pressure output comes from efficiency-oriented “No nonsense” design;
  • Differential operation(One suction and two discharges per cycle) keeps the discharge fluctuations very low;
  • Closed-coupled construction eliminates problems normally associated with the motor device,such as belt-slipping;
  • Design that fully utilize rolling frictions (utility model and design registration being applied for) keeps the starting torque to minimum and provide maximun output;
  • Simple and rugged construction permits easily disassambly,cleaning and re-assembly;
  • Compact and super-light structure makes it handy and portable.
  • Newly developed universal nozzle permits almost every washing job with easy.

High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning high pressure pump details

The pressure gauge contains liquid/water,which is prohibited to delivery by air plane. If you want to buy the machine one or two units by air delivery, the gauge will be taken off.You yourself need to buy the gauge in local market and then install it.

In sea delivery/ship,no problem with that gauge.

Jet pump cleaning machine packagecoil-cleaning-machine-packafin-Washing-Device10High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning 2High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning 4

High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning 6

High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning 8flushing-effect

Outlet pipe:10meter
Intlet pipe:2meter
Recycle pipe:1.6meter
Pressure gun:0.6meter
With professinal nozzle
Pump:230mm long

1. Air conditioner coil fins flush washing and cleaning.
2. Car and truck washing and Cleaning.
3. Washing and finishing in plasterers work.
4. Food processing eqipment Cleaning.
5. Farm tool and machine Cleaning.
6. Insecting machine Cleaning.
7. Steel Pipe Cleaning.

ac cleaning machine application

 How to purchase “High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected];

General Knowledge on “High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning”


Advantages and disadvantages of different types of washing machine when cleaning the air conditioner
Car washing machineHigh pressure washerProfessional air cleaning machine(The mentioned above)
Voltage12V DCAC 220VAC 220V
PowerBetween 25W-120W, power is too smallFrom 1000W to kilowatts, powerMaximum power 660W, power is moderate
Working PressureBetween 0.25-0.6MPa, the pressure is too small6MPa- tens of MPa, the pressure is too strong0-40Bar, pressure is adjustable,pressure is good.
Work Flow1-2 liters / min flow rate is too small to flush air conditioning fins6- tens of liters / min, too much flow rate, too much consumption2.7liters / min, moderate flow rate, water-saving and convenient
WeightWithin ten kgsTens of kgs, too heavyAlittle more than ten kgs, moderate weight
VolumeSmallLarge, vertical height of up to about 1 meterSmall, moderate, easy to carry
Pump head materialsEngineering PlasticsAluminum copper, quality differences or largeCopper and stainless steel, durable, never rust
Motor typeDC micro motors, small power, power is not enoughString stimulated or induction motor (large series motor noise)Induction motor, low noise, long life, up to 500 hours of continuous work
Motor coil materialUsually copper coreAluminum core or copper core, large differences in qualityAll copper core, electrical loss, higher efficiency
Water gunWashing with water guns, water cannons non-professional cleaning air conditioning, cleaning air conditioning inconvenientWashing with water guns, water cannons non-professional cleaning air conditioning, cleaning air conditioning inconvenientProfessional cleaning air conditioning with all stainless steel long gun, ray-like and mist adjustable, rotatable tip
High pressure tube materialPneumatic tube, generally as a single layerTextile PVC pipe, winter stiff, do not wearRubber Braided Hose, since the beginning of the tube, braid, outer sheath three, not sticky hot days, cold weather is not hard, abrasion, folding, more durable
Pressure gaugeUsually without pressure gaugeUsually without pressure gaugeWith pressure gauge, pressure makes you clearly, plainly, so operating controllable
Pressure regulating mechanismUsually the pressure is not adjustableUsually the pressure is not adjustableAdjustable pressure, want to tune how much pressure is the pressure
FilterSmall plastic filterSmall plastic filterSuper tough bovine type metal filters, filter permeability and better

Currently,the sale of so-called air cleaning machines in market, in fact, it is not a professional cleaning device.They can be divided into two types: one is actually a car washing machine, this machine`s advantagesis cheap, low-power, lightweight and portable, the disadvantage is low pressure, although you can clean surface dirt, but for deep corner and deep heat sink, cleaning stubborn dirt becomes powerless, also washed with water gun is not professional for air conditioning, cleaning will seem very inconvenient. The other is the high pressure washer, the advantage of this machine is much pressure (that is, advantage and a disadvantage), the disadvantage is the pressure is too strong, the pressure is not controlled, will be washed out fins, too much flow rate, too much water, will do a scene over and over is clean water, too bulky.

Notice to use “High pressure water jet pump for Air Conditioner coil cleaning”:

1, First loosen the use of pressure regulators, to be back to normal water pipes, and then tighten the pressure regulator to the desired pressure, and then lock block (pressure regulating valve prevents loosening)
2, Use clean water, dirty water might get stuck in the pump body, can cause pressure falters
3, Please confirm before use Power supply: AC mains power supply 220V / 50Hz;

When using the mains power supply, which must be connected to the mains circuit has been equipped with leakage protection and grounding protection;
Do not use the temperature exceeds 60 ° temperature water or dirty water;
Do not gun alignment of people, animals, charged objects, equipment, etc. injection (including the machine itself);
During use, the machine should be placed on the water spray areas not forbidden to use the machine soaked in water;
Do not handed over to a child or master the machine using procedures or do not have the normal sense of the ability of people to use;
In winter, need to be drained after use pumps and water piping inside;
Do not use this machine without the filter of the state to take over;
Unused for long periods or be suspended midway disconnect the power switch;

Try a dry and ventilated place after use imposed for the next use.

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  1. Kevin Son

    Ciao ,what`s pressure with this machine to clean ac outdoor unit?

  2. Allen Ng


    I have one of these pumps and it just started not to work today, I think the on/off switch has a thermo sensor and it is currently stuck on the on position but the motor does not start. Do you carry such replacement or recommend any alternatives. Currently in Australia but bought the machine from USm, so it is running on 110v.


    Hi I’m from french polynesia i’ want to tknow the price of one piece please.
    I’m AC installator and make some cleaning to.
    THANK you

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