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Heating elements converts electricity into heat through the process of Joule heating. Electric current through the element encounters resistance, resulting in heating of the element.Electrical heating elements typically is found in electric hot water tanks are used as heat sources in our brewery. Elements are installed in two of our 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettles: One in the Boil Kettle (used to boil wort) and another in the Hot Liquor Tank (used to heat strike and sparge water).Sizing the element correctly is important: You want it large enough to be able to heat water fairly quickly and be able to maintain a good rolling boil in the Boil Kettle.Heating element including Heating elements radiation heater,Air Heating Elements,GLass Heater,Heating elements ceramic heater,Immersion Heater With Ceramic Heating Element,Heating Radiant Plate,Tubular electrical heater.

Item:   Heating elements radiation heater

Short Description:  Air Heating Elements is widely used . It can be divided into many types according to the differet heating gas . Some of the more common heater as Nitrogen gas heater,Hydrogen gas heater, it all can called pipeline gas heater . The air heater is designed for use in natural and forced convection space heating, our range of finned air heaters are suitable for increased heat transfer surface area and where higher wattage is required. Featuring rugged construction, these finned heaters can be used in a multitude of industrial environments. Finned tubular heaters are used for forced convection heating, air or gas heating systems. Finned tubular heaters/heating elements are customized to meet your specific application needs.

Models & Details for “Air Heating Elements


Models & Details for “GLass Heater



Models & Details for “Heating elements ceramic heater”


Item: Heating elements ceramic heater

Short Description:Ceramic heater 1.Property:good chemical stability;strong causticity-resistance;perfect oxidation-resistance 2.Heat losing in the non-radiation surface is small 3.The base body is heated to 800 C and put in cold water repeatly for ten times and no cracking. 4.The radiated element is heated after electrifying to rating power and immerged into cold water after interruption of power supply for forty times without damage. 5.The effect of energy saving is obvious,increasing 10-25% compared with silicon carbide element .The life span can prolong more than a few times compared with silicon carbide element.

Models & Details for “Immersion Heater With Ceramic Heating Element”

>>Immersion Heater With Ceramic Heating Element

Immersion heater with ceramic heating element

Models & Details for “Heating Radiant Plate”

>>Heating Radiant Plate

Single-Circuit radiant plate Dual-Circuit radiant plate Dual-Circuit(asymmetric) radiant plate

Models & Details for “Tubular electrical heater”

>>Tubular electrical heater


>> In-line pipe heater


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  • Stiven

    Dear sir

    I’m stiven from Iran.
    I want to order the Heating Elements with special parameters that it’s attached.
    The Quantities are 700 samples.
    Could you design and construct its?
    I’m waiting for your reply.

    Best regards

  • Francis Gachanja

    We are based in Nairobi Kenya and we would appreciate to have prices for 3Kw, 1 Metre, 2Metre, 3Metre and 4Metre electric heating elements.

    If the prices are good please let us know to make payments.


  • superdork

    My heating element for the dryer simply went out for the second time in 2 months. Exactly what causes it to keep heading out? Do we just need a brand-new dryer?
    As far as I can tell it must not be due to the vent not being clean. I empty the lint trap prior to every load and I vacuum the location that holds the trap routinely. I also have a brand brand-new vent hose from the clothes dryer to the bottom of your home. When I checked the vent exit from our home it felt as though it was blowing with without any difficulty.

  • Thomas

    Good day.I live in UK,and working in a big importing company.We are professional in heating elements business.In UK,many household will buy many products of heating in order to hold on in long cold winter. Therefore,we are going to look for a company to supply us all parts for electrical water heater. Can Smartclima supply all parts for water heater? As we want one-stop service for our purchase…Thank you.


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