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Water Cooling Radiators,also names water-cooled rows,it is the most important part of the cooling performance in the water-cooled system. The common cold exhaust is designed with 12 flat copper tubes, which transfer the heat to the wave fins welded between the flat copper tubes, and finally the fan blows the heat from the fins into the air. In this heat exchange process, the heat energy in the water-cooled liquid reduces the temperature, and the purpose of heat dissipation is realized.

The water-cooled liquid of the water-cooled radiator flows into the water chamber above the cold exhaust, flows to the other end of the cold exhaust through six flat copper pipes, and then returns to the water chamber below the cold exhaust through another six flat copper pipes through the connecting chamber, and finally flows out of the cold exhaust. Generally, there is no directionality in cold exhaust. If there is no special demand in actual use, the direction of water in and out can be selected at will.

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