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Water cooling block,usually used in the field of computer.A complete set of water cooling systems are: water cooled heads, pumps, water tanks, cold storage, water pipes, and fittings. Starting from today, we mainly introduce water-cooled heads. In fact, the principle of water-cooling is basically the same as that of heat pipes. The function of water-cooled heads is to absorb heat and bring them to the cold discharge through the flow of water. Due to the rapid development of computer hardware, the heat generated by various devices is getting larger and larger. The water-cooled head is no longer used only for the CPU. Now in the graphics card, North Bridge, South Bridge and even the hard disk, there are corresponding water-cooled heads in the memory. . First let’s get to know the most commonly used CPU water cooling heads:

First, the water-cooled head according to the surface material is basically divided into three kinds: material advantages and disadvantages. Yalik appearance YY, beautiful and obvious, easy to aging, long-term buckle pressure and heat will make acrylic deformation, joint tightening too tight will burst, corrosion resistance The poor metal is firm and the joint is not tightened. The weight is large, the aluminum cover is prone to electromagnetic effect, and the corrosion resistance is generally low. The new material POM (plug steel) is light in weight, excellent in friction reduction, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and chemical resistance, and is rigid, elastic and dimensionally stable. Ordinary appearance

Second, the water-cooled head is basically divided into two types according to the technical principle:
■ Flow type, copper column and linear cold head belong to this category. This type of cold head requires relatively little water pump, and the water can fully take away the cold head. Heat, with a good pump, can get quite good temperature.

■Pressure type, using water shock to generate turbulent flow to take away heat, represented by the spray head, the effect depends on the performance of the pump; this cold head requires relatively high water pump, the advantage is that lower temperature can be obtained and the temperature can be lowered quickly.

■ There are two other types: microchannel technology, the gap between the waterways is small, and the requirements for the pump are relatively large. There is also a flow between the injection flow, the water flow impacts the base through the force of the pump, and is dispersed and collected. It has good effect and small water resistance.

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