Category: Tube In Tube Heat Exchangers

Structure: the seamless steel pipe used to transport fluid is used as the outer pipe of the casing heat exchanger, which is bent together with the inner copper pipe bundle to form the casing main body in the form of a laminated spiral. The steel fixed bracket and the casing main body are welded and consolidated to form. The refrigerant and cooling water connection sets are respectively led at both ends of the casing.

Working condition: when the refrigerant is evenly distributed in each molecular tube in the tube bundle and flows at high speed under the forced pressure, the cooling water with temperature difference flows through the low rib internal thread tube wall of each molecular tube and under the same forced pressure outside the multiple tube wall for convection heat exchange.


1. Due to the low rib and internal thread structure in the molecular tubes that make up the tube bundle, it is conducive to the efficient boiling heat transfer of refrigerant in the tubes; or it can reduce the thickness of the condensate film and enhance the convective heat transfer intensity

2. The outer shell of steel tube structure provides the product with enough rigidity, better fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and durability

3. Wide application range, flexible combination and simple installation

Smartclima can supply the following tube in tube heat exchanger:

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