Category: Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchangers

Titanium coil in shell heat exchanger, main parts include pure titanium pipe, PVC plastic shell, sodium, water inlet and outlet, etc.
The same type of products include titanium heating pipe, titanium coil, titanium tube, titanium tube, titanium tube heat exchanger, titanium shell tube heat exchanger, pool heat pump titanium tube heat exchanger, titanium tube evaporator, etc.

It is widely used in sea water heat exchange, seafood breeding, chemical industry, medical treatment, food and other fields. Titanium metal has a good corrosion resistance, the surface is not easy to produce oxide layer, does not pollute the medium, environmental protection is non-toxic, suitable for hot water, oil, acid, alkali and other solutions and steam, cold and hot water heat exchange.

Mainly divided into 1p 1.5p 2p 3P 5p 10p 15p 30p to 70p and other models.

Smartclima can supply the following Titanium coil in shell heat exchanger:

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