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Copper coil in shell heat exchange,also names high-efficiency tank heat exchanger,it is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger made of high-efficiency heat exchange coils, mainly for heat exchange. Its overall copper tube has no internal solder joints to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

The high-efficiency tank heat exchanger is widely used in air conditioning heating and cooling units due to its small size, high heat exchange efficiency and convenient installation . The heat exchange efficiency is high: the coil adopts high-efficiency finned tube, and the heat exchange area is several times that of the light pipe; the unique design, the compact spiral structure of the coil ensures that the refrigerant can exchange heat more fully. Safer to use: the water flow rate is uniform, local freezing and scaling are not easy to occur, and the water inlet is located at the heat exchanger, which is more convenient for drainage and more effective in preventing freezing. The product is more refined: the product is smaller in size, and the built-in liquid storage tank saves the space of the unit more effectively, so that the whole product is more beautiful. The oil return effect is good: the innovative product design, the built-in high-pressure liquid storage device is more effective to ensure the refrigerant circuit, the oil return is smoother, and the energy efficiency is improved.

The use of a safe overall copper tube has no internal solder joints to ensure long-term stable operation of the system. The copper tube is molded into the casing to prevent processing defects. There is no water flow blind zone in the water side flow channel, the water flow rate is uniform, and the heat exchanger is not easy to be partially frozen and not easy to scale. The nozzle is located at a low point in the heat exchanger to facilitate low-temperature seasonal drainage to prevent freezing. The small size is beneficial to reduce the size of the whole machine and save the limited space of the machine. The refrigerant circuit with good oil return effect ensures smooth oil return.

The Copper coil in shell heat exchange is made of high-efficiency heat exchange tube, compact in volume, high in heat exchange efficiency, small in volume, large in water circulation section, and effective in reducing dirt. Compared with traditional heat exchangers, heat transfer performance of casing heat exchanger The volume is too large; the plate heat exchanger has small water passages, is easy to block, and is difficult to repair after failure. It is widely used in central air conditioners, heat pump water heaters, industrial chillers, ground source hot water units, water source hot water units, etc.

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