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The coaxial heat exchanger is composed of a concentric inner tube and an outer sleeve, and the hot and cold fluids are simultaneously transferred while flowing in the inner tube and the outer sleeve annulus. Pressure and shock resistance, not easy to deform, resistant to dirt and scale, not easy to block, smooth oil return, high safety and good manufacturability, not easy to leak, flexible structure, convenient layout and low cost, saving cost. Particularly suitable for heat pump systems. At the same time, the gap between the steel pipe and the copper pipe is evenly divided, which is favorable for maintaining good oil return characteristics when used as an evaporator. The inner and outer tubes are made of copper, stainless steel, etc., which can be widely used in refrigeration and air-conditioning industries such as chillers, air-cooled/water-cooled heat pump units, water/ground source heat pump units, heat recovery units, heat pump water heaters, etc.
In the actual operation of the refrigeration system, due to temperature fluctuations, start-stop cycle, heat pump defrost, expansion valve adjustment and other factors, the internal pressure is frequently alternated. Under frequent vibration and pressure changes, the ability of the spiral sleeve to withstand pressure and pressure shocks is much higher than that of the sheet structure, so it is more adaptable to the complexity of actual operating conditions. Due to the small number of weld joints in the process of manufacturing the spiral casing heat exchanger, the process is easy to handle and the welding quality is easy to ensure, which greatly reduces the cracking of the interface caused by long-term vibration, pressure fluctuation and alternating hot and cold impact. The danger of leakage.

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