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Air To Air Heat Exchanger,also names Recuperators,refers to a fresh air and exhaust ventilation device that contains a full heat exchange core.
In small household air conditioners or VRV air conditioning systems, indoor air quality is poor due to no fresh air. A heat recovery unit is required in the system. The total heat exchanger is an energy-efficient heat recovery device that preheats or pre-cools the fresh air introduced into the air conditioning system by recovering the residual heat in the exhaust gas before the fresh air enters the room or the air cooler of the air conditioning unit performs heat and moisture treatment. , reduce (increase) the fresh wind devaluation. Effectively reduce the load of the air conditioning system, save energy consumption and operating costs of the air conditioning system , effectively solve the contradiction between improving indoor air quality and air conditioning energy saving, and has an irreplaceable role in the field of air conditioning system energy saving.

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