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For sale! Graphene electric infrared heating filmGraphene electric infrared heating film

  • [Parameters & Peformance]  220V, 220W/㎡.  Width can be 50cm,80cm,100cm and length is 100meters per roll. Size can be customized.
  • [Features & Advantages] After a number of tests, the wavelength is 9.2 microns, which is an infrared ray that is beneficial to the human body.It can be absorbed by the human body and enhance human immunity;  In the 2100-hour aging test, the shrinkage rate was less than 2%. After the test, the electric heating film ran continuously when the surface temperature reached 40°C.
    For 26,000 hours, the performance and size remain the same, while still maintaining its soft and durable performance.
  • Place of origin: Supplied by China Manfacturer directly, Made in China, can export to worldwide.

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The low-temperature electric heating film is a kind of translucent polycrystalline film that can heat up after being energized. It is processed by a special ink and metal carrier strip that can conduct electricity.
It is made by hot pressing between insulating poly-lin films. When working, the electric heating film is used as the heating element to send the heat into the space in the form of radiation, so that the human body can use the electric heating film as the heating element.
And the object is warmed first, and its comprehensive effect is better than the traditional convection heating method.

Graphene electric infrared heating film

Graphene electric infrared heating film 1

Graphene electric infrared heating film 2

Graphene electric infrared heating film 3Graphene electric infrared heating film 4


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 Notice to use:

1. Thermostats must be used when laying electric heating films on the bed, exposed meters, etc. It is recommended that the electric heating film should not be covered (within 3 cm of Bozi that is too thick).
Or objects that affect the effective heat dissipation of the product. When the electric heating film is turned on, the product cannot be covered for a long time, such as heavy clothes, quilts, etc.
An object with a positive blocking electric heating film that effectively emits heat. So as not to affect the heat dissipation of the product, which will cause the temperature of the electric heating film to be too high, and the heat will gather to produce high temperature. The following reaction
The high temperature resistance of the film is 60-70 degrees, and it will cause damage beyond the temperature range, which will cause damage to the electric heating film, the floor, and the floor leather. People when sleeping at night
On the product, it can be used normally. When you get up, when you leave the product or when you go out, you need to turn off the power.

It is strictly forbidden to place objects that are not conducive to heat dissipation in the probe position of the thermostat, otherwise it will cause inaccurate temperature control and unbalanced temperature of the entire electric heating film. (The probe position is covered
The electric heating film under the cover does not dissipate heat and gathers temperature. The probe senses the temperature to the set temperature (such as 28 degrees), but the other areas of the film do not actually reach the set temperature.
The set temperature is 28 degrees).
Static electricity in the use of electric heating film is a normal phenomenon.
In daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon. Static electricity is a kind of electric charge in a stationary state.

2. The electric heating film can be laid before and after the decoration. It can be laid on the floor or ceramic tiles, and it can also be laid under the floor. First of all, the laying surface needs to be kept flat and free of impurities.
Objects, floor leather can be laid on the electric heating film, or (thinly) touched. In the use of electric heating film, there must also be certain requirements for the heat permeability of the floor, namely: permeability.
It can be used for ground consolidation with a heat rate of more than 85%. In other words, the thinner the heat dissipation, the better.
An insulation layer, an electric heating film, and a waterproof cloth need to be laid under the floor. The ground must be covered with a heat insulation layer. In cold areas, you can consider increasing the thickness of the heat insulation layer, because every
The thermal insulation, heating and cooling of each room are different, and the effect of this will be better.
It is recommended to choose a brand floor for laying the floor. The thickness is preferably around 0.8. If it is too thick, the heat transfer is not good, it is not energy-saving, and the environmental protection index of the brand floor is relatively high, so it is not
It is necessary to worry about the problem of harmful gases. If there is an odor, it should be powered off and stopped in time, the cause should be accurately identified in time, and the treatment should be carried out in time to ensure safe use. (An
When installing the floor, you can consult the floor seller to see if floor heating products are available)
Keep it clean when laying (cutting) floors or floor tiles on the electric heating film, and do not leave debris, sharp wooden nails, nails, etc. on the electric heating film.,
So as not to damage the electric heating film. It is recommended to choose furniture with legs for the electric heating film. (If there is furniture with or without legs, it needs to be given out) to ensure that the heat is fully dissipated.,
It is forbidden to drill holes, nail nails and other destructive acts in the heating area of the electric heating film, which will cause partial inactivity or leakage of protection, and open the operation empty.

3. When cutting the electric heating film, it must be cut in accordance with the position of the cutting line. The electric heating film should be flat when laying, and it is strictly forbidden to be hypoallergenic. The electric heating film needs to be fixed with scotch tape.
Prevent the electric heating film from moving in series, and heavy use is strictly prohibited when the electric heating film is laid. (The longest laying of a single electric heating film with 500mm specifications is 8 meters, and the longest laying with 800mm specifications is 6 meters.)
Cut to, the 1000mm specification is up to 5 meters long and cut. ) The electric heating film can be rolled, but it cannot be folded. If the upper and lower flow strips (copper sheets) of the electric heating film are damaged .
Stepping on it (folding or breaking) can cause ignition, so you should be extra careful when installing this part.

4. The terminal of the electric heating film and the other end must be completely sealed with high-temperature, waterproof and insulating treatment, sealed with insulating putty, and then used for secondary use with electrical tape.
Insulation. Please understand this product in detail for self-installation. If there are any problems caused by self-installation, it has nothing to do with quality. It is caused by construction problems. We will not be liable.
Determine the load of the electric heating film according to the area and power of the electric heating film laid, determine whether the indoor power supply can withstand the maximum load of the electric heating film, and configure the corresponding specifications for international high resistance
Warm wire. (Below 10 square meters, 2.5 national standard lines can be used, and 4 square international lines can be used for 10-16 square meters. Can use 16-18A plug) such as: room settings
With a power of 2500 watts and 3500 watts, the room electric heating film group is connected to a string line, and a 2.5 square-4 square BVR soft tuning line is sufficient, but the film group finally comes out.
The main line of the thermostat connection should choose a power cord of not less than 4 square meters, leaving room for the wire diameter to avoid heat generation and other phenomena.
The life of the thermostat is 3-6 years. Due to the different frequency and frequency of use, it needs to be replaced.
When leaving for a short time or not in use, a thermostat should be used to adjust the temperature to 10 degrees. When it is completely turned off and turned on again, the temperature will be slower and the energy consumption will be higher.,
And it will affect the service life of the system.

5. To use this product, first check whether the incoming line matches, so as not to overload the line and cause accidents!
Calculation formula
Example: 3.5meters * 4 meters = 14 square meters
14 square meters*220w=3080w in total
Because the lines of new houses and old houses are different, you can find a local electrician to calculate


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Graphene is a single-layer carbon surface material exfoliated from graphite materials, and it is a two-dimensional structure of carbon. The thickness of this graphite crystal film is only 0.335 nanometers. When 200,000 films are stacked together, it is only as thick as a single hair strand. It was first discovered in 2004 by the team of Costiano Voschev and Andre Geim of the University of Manchester. The advent of graphene has caused a worldwide research boom. It is not only the thinnest of the known materials, but also very strong and tough; as a simple substance, it transfers electrons faster than known conductors at room temperature.

Nowadays, the application of graphene has been very extensive, such as: graphene batteries, graphene electric heating film and other products. However, graphene batteries have been hot for many years without a good solution, and they have not been popular. Graphene electric heating film is quite mature among graphene products, and has been applied to the electric heating industry by many companies. Graphene floor heating is Very famous, especially loved by northern residents!

Why should graphene be added to the electric heating film? It is very simple. Graphene is a new type of material. As soon as graphene came out, it attracted the attention of the whole world. The electron mobility in graphene is much higher than that in silicon. Therefore, graphene floor heating is quite energy-saving and high-heat conversion. The technology of this brand in R&D and design is very novel and very individual.

Advantage of Graphene electric infrared heating film :

1. Fast heat generation , the set temperature can be reached within 15-30 minutes after power on, the floor surface heats up, and the heat is even;

2. Long service life, no attenuation in 50 years ;

3. Maintenance-free, basically zero maintenance ;

4. Energy saving, the conversion rate of electric energy and heat energy is as high as 99%;

5. Installation is quick, a house of 100 square meters can be completed in one day;

6. Intelligent control, which can be opened and closed at any time, time-sharing, household-sharing, and pattern-sharing, which is very convenient;

7. Healthy, the 8-15 micron far-infrared light waves emitted by Brownian motion are called “life light waves” by scientists, which can promote blood circulation and have physical therapy effects on the body.

Shortcoming of Graphene electric infrared heating film:

As a new type of heating method, the disadvantages of graphene floor heating are: first, the installation cost is relatively high; second, the market popularity and standardization are not enough, and some use carbon fiber and carbon crystal film to pretend to be graphene.


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