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Germany PDU,Germany Socket power distribution units are the standard choice in sever and networking 19” racks connecting directly to the targeted equipment.

All Germany PDU products of are modularized,customer can choose the relative modules and power input cables.All functional modules are adopted PC/ABS alloy ,hot change temperature reach to above 120 degree,fire-retardant characteristic accords with UL94-V0 standard.


TUL-(1)(2)N (3)(4)W(5) (6)(7)(8)
TUL : PDU code meaning

(1), PDU socket type,short of countries,for example: China(CHN). United States(USA)

(2). PDU socket unit current output value, for example: 10 A(10); 16A(16)

(3), Height of PDU unit (U),for example: 1U(10), 1.5U(15),2U(20)

(4), PDU output module number,for example: 5(05),12(12)

(5), POU incidental function of the code,for example: Switches(KP)

(6), PDU shell color, for example: White(W), black(B)

(7), PDU length, unit: inches,for example: 19-Inch(19)

(8), PDU installation code,for example: positive levels(A); reverse level(B)

DIY Germany PDU Applicable







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  1. We are a data company,and we have many data rack need to be equip with this type PDU,could you give a price?

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